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So excited to see all the learning of Zion and Milaana culminate in Splinter.  Not only has the technology refined over the years, the support of VapeFiend has allowed for advancements to the parts and the processes that go into building them.  As I write this the tools for the glass is being made trial points should be molded next week.   The new tooling for the wood processing will be in tomorrow.  This will allow us to improve the accuracy and reduce the scrap. Final changes to the fitting are in for quote and soon all parts will be in the manufacturing engineering phase.  As the parts are fabricated the assembly line will be set-up in parallel.

Thanks to all the beta testers and early customers for helping us find and fix the small issue that will ensure that Splinter is the best in can be at launch.

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I like that there is no double post rule here lol.  First, thanks to Troy for having a cool new vape forum.  I am going to stop in from time to time and drop updates as the Splinter comes into production.  Secondly,thanks to @rbt.uk for helping make the connection with VapeFiend.  George has been such a great guy to work with.  When both parties approach a deal honestly and openly looking for a win/win they usually find it and that as sure the case with the RBT / VF venture.  VF in good faith secured a large supply of Splinters in exchange for an exclusive right to retail and distribute to to EU.  George has been patient and understanding of the recent set-backs and was supportive of doing the right thing across the board.  It was this act faith and integrity that has allowed the following improvements and changes:

An economical in-house wood boring solution was developed, sourced and pilot tested and meets the lerances +/-.010 tolerance requirement!  This is a big win as other solutions proved ineffective.  With this critical hurdle cleared by in-sourcing the path is clear to Splinter production.  If you cant find someone willing to do it for you, do it yourself.

A custom fitting designed specifically to mount the HSA heater to a 510 was completed and is out for quote.  This will allow for the optimization of the insulator and mounting system to unsure safe and efficient operation. Beta testing has shown that small changes in location and geometry can have noticeable effects on vapor quality.  Provisions to unsure proper location and geometry is imperative to constant build quality.

Custom glass has been designed and tooling is under construction. The new glass will be a 17/15 as opposed to a 19/22.  This geometry is simply "just the tip" of the 19/26 so all standard 19/26 mm will fit but will ride high like a cork in a wine bottle.  Clearance to the heater screen is now built-in and provisions to ensure the heater screens fit has been employed.  The Female glass has been made thicker than the mouthpiece glass to encourage the male to to sacrificial in the event of a fall.  The male will employ a screen system that will allow top hat, basket and flat screens.  Now, with control over the custom glass we can ensure proper screen fit.  Both pieces will receive a steam punk style and the appearance surfaces will be as close to flawless as can be.

Mica will be upgraded from 900 F to a 1100 F temperature rating

The heater geometry will be optimized enabled by the change to the 510 fitting.  The size and shape are being honed slightly but no major change from the units going out now other than manufacturing efficiency gains.  Our US supplier will work to take on heater fabrication as volume increases.

Special thanks to all who contributed to Zion and Milaana as it bore Splinter.  Thanks to all how pitched in with Splinter as it is paying homage to the Z and the M.  It will be 2-3 weeks before we have parts in-hand.  More than likely something will go wrong and that means 4 weeks.  2 weeks to get wood make to fit the glass exactly which means 4.  Realistically it will be 3 months to serious Splinter production as much work remains to get to a wetted production line.  But, when this thing get rolling it should roll along smooth. 

Thanks to all on the wait list that are patiently waiting for their turn.  Over the next few weeks 10 - 20 OG units will ship and then another 40 will go out in the OG configuration (19/22 mm glass) after that.  In 2-3 months we will have the VapeFiend order in full swing and the waiting list should be down to the last few... with any luck.

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This is great news. A great product, about to be even better and more reliable. Awesome stuff RBT
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...On  the splinter wait list...so Iím glad to hear about the progress...good luck rbt..


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I am hoping to have some splinter videos up soon. This YouTube thing has been a bit of a speed bumo

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