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Microtransactions are one of the most annoying things in life. Fortunately, the weed vaporizer community doesn’t have to deal with this. Companies will release FREE app updates that unlock new features. How cool is that? The latest app update by FireFly overhauls the FireFly app while also allowing users to set the exact temperature they […] > Continue Reading!

New Black Friday weed vape sales have been added to the vape deals page! Cream City Vapes has posted their Black Friday 2017 deals. Their sale starts Thursday, 11/23. – 35% Boundless Vapes: Code BFBOUNDLESS – 25% Grinders: Code BFGRIND (includes Santa Cruz, Space Case, SLX) – 30% Puffco – 30% Dr Dabber – 20% […] > Continue Reading!

Puffitup Black Friday Sale

Camp Counselor Randy over at Puffitup hooked me up with a significant portion of his Black Friday sale. He has a few other surprises planned, but these are the main deals. ANNND – He’s donated an Arizer Air II to give away to one lucky winner! (look at the bottom) The sale links are below […] > Continue Reading!

Healthy Rips Fury 2 Review

Fury 2 ultra portable cannabis vaporizer in hand

The Fury 2, by Healthy Rips, is an ultra-portable weed vape. It’s advertised as convection, but it’s actually a hybrid. This means the bowl heats up AND the air intake is heated. Hybrid heating produces the the most vapor. The Fury 2 is small – 2″ by 3″ by 1″. Very easy to conceal. The […] > Continue Reading!

Cheap Bongs

What’s up, guys. It’s Troy with 420vapezone.com. I picked up these three bongs form dhgate.com. They’re all made in China, and they’re all made from reputable sellers. I’ve done some research, I figured out there’s some sellers on DH Gate where you can buy these quality pieces for about $30.00 – $50.00. A lot of […] > Continue Reading!

Xmax Starry Review

Xmax Starry - Ultra Portable Cannabis Vaporizer

The XMax Starry is an ultra-portable and ultra-affordable dry herb weed vape. The Starry utilizes a conduction oven to vaporize cannabis and other dry herbs. It features full temperature control, ceramic oven, ceramic zirconia mouthpiece/screen assembly, and a removable 18650 battery. For $120 shipped, it includes a nice grinder and a vacuum seal canister from […] > Continue Reading!

Boundless CFC 2

In today’s livestream, the Boundless crew (now in Oregon) broke out the unreleased CFC2 for a session. The original CFC is an ultra portable dry herb vape that packs a half dozen stoner sessions in an easily pocket-able format. The CFC was originally all convection, but the new iteration brings convection as well removable batteries. […] > Continue Reading!

How to save money on weed

Whether the DEA admits it or not, sick people all around the world are turning to cannabis to treat their illnesses. Until the prohibition on cannabis is lifted, patients are left covering the entire cost of their medication. I’ve put together a list of things cannabis users can do to start saving money on weed: […] > Continue Reading!

Make E Juice From Wax

Although I haven’t done this myself, each company has their own detailed process for diluting concentrates into ejuice. They all essentially require the following: You will need the following: Concentrate Flavored Extracting Liquid Shot glass Precision syringe squirt bottle Cooking pot tap water stove How to turn concentrate into e juice Step 1: Place the […] > Continue Reading!

Saionara 510 Wax Atomizer Review + GIVEAWAY

The Saionara is the best 510 based wax vape system I’ve ever used. It’s robust, sleek, and built like a tank. It functions beautifully in power mode as well as temperature control mode. The video of the review and demonstration is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbZir0jRcUQ I’m giving away THREE Saionaras total. Two in the Gleamio giveaway. The […] > Continue Reading!