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Ganja Gold Concentrate Review

Ganja Gold is a high end cannabis extract brand in California. I recently tested a few of their “Live Resin” cartridge vapes. The 510 carts I tested were filled with distillate and they were absolutely delicious. Compared to ANY other cartridge I have tasted, the Ganja Gold cartridges are easily a notch above the absolute […] > Continue Reading!

Hydrology 9 Vaporizer Review

The Hydrology 9 is a dry herb / cannabis vaporizer with built-in water filtration. It’s a simple device with the oven on the bottom and a borosilicate glass mouthpiece on the top. There’s nothing fancy about the heating technology. It’s a basic conduction heater with a built-in stir tool. The oven holds about .2g of […] > Continue Reading!

Is the Mighty Vaporizer worth it?

Mighty Weed Vaporizer - by Storz & Bickel - The #1 rated dry herb vape

The Mighty vaporizer is $350, which is actually a hundred bucks less than it was originally. I can get two ounces of pretty damn good weed for $350, so for me to tell you, “Yes, the Mighty is absolutely worth $350” I better damn well mean it. And I do. Here’s why Perfectly PowerfulThe Mighty […] > Continue Reading!

The Vaporslide V2 is the latest 510 vape creation from the Vaporslide team. Their product line utilizes the standard 510 thread cartridge. These cartridges are readily available prefilled at any dispensary. The Vaporslide V2 also includes a refillable cartridge. The Vaporslide V2 holds enough charge for a day’s worth of hourly dab-breaks of a typical […] > Continue Reading!

Last week I got to meet the Ghost team face to face at the Champs Tradeshow – the leading conference for 420 smoke and vape business. I met with privately with Patrick and we discussed the past, present, and future of the Ghost brand and their line of products. Ghost as a lot of talent […] > Continue Reading!

Does The Smoke Buddy Work?

A while back I wrote a guide for people looking to vape indoors without getting caught. I received a ton of feedback about it, the majority of which suggested getting a smoke Buddy and ozium would be enough to never get caught. On my most recent snowboarding trip to Mammoth Mountain I decided to take […] > Continue Reading!

Weed Vaporizers With Removable Batteries

Picking out a new vape is not an easy task. With such a variety of vaporizers available, it becomes quite annoying combing through so many sites to compare the features of each vape. I say this as I’m staring at a browser with a dozen or so open tabs as a result of my search […] > Continue Reading!

These 3 weed vapes are very popular at the 120-160 pricepoint. They each have their own pros and cons. Here’s what I think, in order of price. Xvape Starry The Starry, for 119 shipped with a nice grinder is the lowest priced vape in this comparison. The Starry is the only conduction vape on this […] > Continue Reading!

Where to buy bulk Mighty / Crafty Screens and O-rings

If you’re a daily user, the replacement parts for the Mighty and Crafty can become a tiresome expense. It’s not that they’re overly expensive at $5 for 3 sets… but if you’re blowing seals every 2 months, that’s $10/year. And chances are you’re only needing to replace the small one and not the bigger ones […] > Continue Reading!

Last season I went snowboarding with a variety of different vapes and picked my 5 favorite weed vapes to take snowboarding. This season I’ve been snowboarding almost exclusively with my Mighty vaporizer. Naturally, I’m always looking for ways to improve the experience. I decided my trip to Mammoth would be the perfect place to test the […] > Continue Reading!