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Ghost MV-1 Vape

Another new vape company enters the market! The new company: Ghost Vapes! Their first contender: The Ghost MV-1 – Dry herb and Concentrate vape. This new vape has been introduced by The Vape Critic. He’s been helping the company develop the vape, which means it’s GOTTA BE GOOD! It’s labeled an on-demand full convection vaporizer. […] > Continue Reading!

HOT DEAL on the MIGHTY Vaporizer

The 4/20 deal that Storz & Bickel offered is an official price drop. So the NEW low price of the Mighty is $349. Coupon code will drop the price to $296!! This is the best price I’ve ever seen on the Mighty. Get it while the coupon is still valid!! The Mighty is my absolute […] > Continue Reading!

Boundless Unveils 3 New Units

Boundless is back on the radar with 2 new units promised in today’s weekly livestream. In true stereotypical stoner fashion, the livestream putzed around for 40 minutes before actually delivering the goods. They also underpromised and over delivered, so I suppose I can let it pass this time. CFX 2.0! – Adjustable convection/conduction ratio – […] > Continue Reading!

Davinci IQ Cracked Oven

I was browsing my favorite subreddit recently /r/vaporents and came across a thread about a Davinci IQ with some cracks in the bowl. Davinci was on the ball and responded within the thread instructing the user to stop using his Davinci IQ immediately and contact the Davinci customer service department immediately. Davinci’s customer support can […] > Continue Reading!

Pax 3 Dab Rig

Here at 420 Vape Zone, we’re constantly trying to come up with new ways to modify vaporizers. Sometimes we look to add accessories to enhance the experience, and other times we look to see if functionality can be improved upon with whatever the manufacturer provides. For achieving the ultimate Pax 3 dab rig, we went […] > Continue Reading!

I’ve found myself using my Flowermate SWIFT more than any vape from my collection. My single complaint about this vape is the battery life. It’s not as bad as say the Grasshopper’s battery life… however, it does have one of the lowest battery lives from my collection. I did some research, and also came up with […] > Continue Reading!

Vivant Alternate Updated Mouthpiece

Today Vivant published a statement regarding their faulty mouthpieces. You can read the full thing here Cliff’s notes version: Vivant cares. They figured out why some caps were failing and now they’ve fixed it. The upgraded mouthpieces are made of PAES (Polyarylethersulfone. According to Nation Wide Plastics, “Polyarylethersulfone PAES (also known as Polyphenylsulfone or PPSU) […] > Continue Reading!

My Davinci IQ Won’t Hit

My friend recently got a Davinci IQ and used it daily without doing a deep clean. One Saturday morning I got a call with the words, “My Davinci IQ won’t hit”. The first thing I noticed was how much resistance each hit had. My friend did a fantastic job cleaning the bowl after every use, […] > Continue Reading!

How to vape indoors without getting caught

Does vaping weed smell? Yes! Vaping cannabis absolutely has a distinct odor; however, vaporizer odor is very different from and far less obnoxious than marijuana smoke. Fortunately, people have a pretty weak sense of smell, and there are some pretty simple tricks to give you the best chance of not getting caught. You will need the […] > Continue Reading!

Pax 3 Games – how to play games on the Pax

The Pax 3 has some pretty cool extra features. Our favorite is the 3 mini games that can be activated via the app or through a hidden series of movements. How To Access Pax 3 Games There are two ways to access the Pax 3 games, the easiest way is to simply select the game you wish to […] > Continue Reading!