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How To Moisten Dry Weed

We’ve all had it happen, you get a little too high one night and forget to close lid of your weed jar. By the next day, your weed is dry enough to almost instantly turn to powder. (Like something out of an Indiana Jones Movie) Unlike the villains from Raiders of the Lost Ark, your […] > Continue Reading!

10 Pax Accessories Everyone Should Own

Mention the word weed vaporizer around the United States or Canada and people will immediately think Pax Vaporizer. One of the first things I’ve noticed Pax owners talk to each other about is the latest accessories they purchased for their vape. It only makes sense for one of the most popular vaporizers ever to have […] > Continue Reading!

Vivant Dabox Review & Giveaway

Vivant DaBox Giveaway video: https://youtu.be/TEy2dyZ8uco […] > Continue Reading!

Pax Era Review – 7 Months Later

Pax Era Review

The Pax Era is an ultra compact dab/oil pen. It uses a proprietary cartridge system, and Pax Labs controls which cannabis extract suppliers can fill and sell Pax Era cartridges. This “closed-garden” style market is similar to Apple and their control of what’s allowed in their app market – Pax controls the quality of oil […] > Continue Reading!

BudKups! Re-usable Pax Pods for dry herb

Budkups sent over a couple packs of these reusable stainless steel weed pods. I’ve reviewed them in the video here: If you’re looking for the list you need to be on to win: http://eepurl.com/cXPJRL https://youtu.be/ZwBQRB_G3vE Cliffs Notes: – The vapor production isn’t as good as straight up weed in the Pax, but with the right […] > Continue Reading!

420 Origins: Fact vs Fiction

420. The international call sign for all things weed. We all have our favorite version of the history behind 420. Some say it’s police code for smoking weed, others think it’s the day Bob Marley died. But which one is true? Does it really matter? One night after a couple bowls of my favorite sativa (Super Lemon […] > Continue Reading!

Ghost MV1 available for reservation. kinda

The Ghost Vapes website changed. They’re offering a reservation, but there’s still messaging that says they’ll be sold on a first come first served basis. Maybe I’m just high. I’m not as excited as I was about this vape. I’m still going to buy it, but I’m going into it with a fresh objective expectation. […] > Continue Reading!

Mighty Vape FAQ

I get so many questions via email and youtube comments about the Mighty! It’s my personal favorite vape, and my highest recommended as well. It’s such a magnificent vape, I figured I’d make a list of all the frequently asked questions. Can the Mighty vape hash?  The Mighty can vape hash, but hash just doesn’t vaporize […] > Continue Reading!

Rubbing Alcohol & Salt or Orange Chronic

If you ask any veteran cannabis enthusiast, “How do I clean my bong?”. 99% of people will tell to either use rubbing alcohol & salt or Orange Chronic bong cleaner. What is Orange Chronic Bong Cleaner? Orange Chronic is like rubbing alcohol & salt on steroids. Although the contents are a closely guarded secret, we […] > Continue Reading!

Weed Vape Cases

One of the reasons I started medicating with cannabis is because it helps me fall asleep. On one insomnia-ridden night, I caught myself browsing through an endless selection of weed vape cases. To help pass the time I decided to put together a list of my favorite ones. Here’s a comprehensive list of every kind of vaporizer case: […] > Continue Reading!