FireFly 2 Firmware Update: Power Tuning ABV Comparison

FireFly put out a firmware update for the FireFly 2 vaporizer today. The firmware update is handled within the smartphone app, which was also updated for both Android and IOS. The firmware and app update bring us POWER TUNING. It’s not exactly clear what the Power Tuning is actually tweaking. Is it temperature? Voltage? Power … Read more

FireFly 2 FINALLY available!!

The Firefly 2 is officially available at PuffitUp! This 100% convection, on-demand vaporizer was released early this year, but has been in high demand and short supply. It’s the #1 highest rated vape at both VapeCritic and Vaporizer Wizard due to its wonderful vapor flavor, quick heat up time, easy maintainence, and sleek design. Read … Read more

NEW VAPE: Magic Flight PICO

Last week Magic Flight slipped this little ‘electric one-hitter’ onto their site. It’s an experimental build and an alpha product. Even the name PICO is just a temporary placeholder. The PICO is designed to vaporize AND/OR combust, giving the user the freedom to completely extract their material. Like the Magic Flight Launch Box, it has … Read more

Magic Flight Launches vape/combustion combo one-hitter

The team over at Magic Flight recently slipped a new device onto their site – the Magic Flight PICO A “electric one-hitter designed for combustion without the butane” According to the description, the PICO initially vaporizes the material at the start of the hit, but combusts at the end. It’s hard to be skeptical because … Read more

Boundless CF/CFX – Screen Honey / Reclaim

honey / reclaim on the screen of a Boundless CF Vaporizer

After doing both of the Boundless CF / CFX screen mods, I realized that the screen INSIDE the mouthpiece assembly does a great job of catching reclaim. And with the bucket screen in place, the reclaim on the internal screen stays incredibly clean. This is my screen after about a week of HEAVY use. Most … Read more

Boundless CF and CFX Modifications

CF/CFX Bucket Screen mod - mouthpiece

What I love about the cannabis vape community is the innovation and hacking happening at the consumer level.  Weed vapes exist because of stoner ingenuity, and that same drive to improve our cannabis consumption methods pushes many of us to hack and modify our vapes. We’re always looking to squeeze a little more value or … Read more

Face to Face with Boundless Vapes

Last week we took a trip to the Boundless offices to meet up with the guys behind the popular CF and CFX vaporizers. Boundless launched their new vapes in February and they’ve already become a favorite in the cannabis community. What better way to get to know each other than forming a circle and having … Read more

Eaze Review – Cannabis Delivery

There’s a new marijuana delivery service sweeping through the West Coast. We’ve been using them now for about a month and we’re in love. Mobile ordering, online verification, fast friendly delivery, and high quality products at decent prices. Oh, and don’t forget coupons and discounts.