Dry Herb Atomizer ROUNDUP: ALL 510 Dry Herb Tanks Compared

Box mods have taken vaping and vapes to the next level. If you already own a box mod battery you’re already halfway to a quality dry herb vaporizer! These dry herb atomizers are the best way to vaporize weed / dry herb with your box mod. There are several low-quality attachments and vape tanks intentionally … Read more

Best On-Demand Dry Herb Vapes

What is an On-Demand Vape? An On-Demand vaporizer heats your dry-herb / cannabis from a cold start to a vaporization temperature quickly. This luxurious convenience is perfect for sneaking a toke and putting the vape away before anyone notices. On-Demand vapes use higher power to heat the weed quickly, often sacrificing total bowls per charge … Read more