Puffco Peak / Peak Pro

Puffco is a company with a long history of dab and concentrates vaporizers. Product history ranges from pocket-sized wax pens to the now-standard Puffco Peak e-rig,

Today Puffco is the industry-leading maker of portable dab devices, with the Puffco Peak and Puffco Peak Pro being the top-rated e-rigs.

In 2022 Puffco launched the Proxy, a traditional pipe-shaped vaporizer for dabs on the go, without the worry of water.

Puffco also makes popular smoking accessories like the Budsy and Cupsy.

Puffco Peak PRO is HERE: First Look

Puffco Peak PRO is HERE: First Look

I removed this video from youtube because youtube is being anti-vape and anti-dab again. This is not a full Puffco Peak Pro review, but that will be out soon. The Puffco Peak Pro is officially out! It brings some nice little upgrades over the original Puffco Peak, but...