Vape Pens & Cart Battery

Vape carts and Oil Pens are trendy because they’re convenient, cheap, tiny, and easy to hide.

Since cartridges and pods are typically pre-filled with THC or CBD oil, you really only need a quality vape pen battery to complete the vaporizer.

Many dispensaries and CBD stores will hand out free cart batteries with the purchase of vape carts – but those 510 batteries are far from the best and only offer some basic functionality.

Upgrading to a high-quality vape battery offers several improvements over the typical 510 slim battery.

  • Multiple modes: inhale activated or push button
  • Warm Up / Pre-hit functionality
  • Magnetic adapters
  • Multiple voltage / temperatures
  • Physical Cartridge Protection

I mostly stick to dry herb vapes because weed carts don’t really satisfy my needs. Carts are very popular, but also have a pretty bad reputation and are known for inconsistencies. This will vary from region to region as cannabis is not legal in most parts of the world.

Wax Pens vs Dab Pens 

The weed vape scene is always evolving and terms have become somewhat ambiguous.

Wax Pens and Wax Vapes are vapes for weed concentrates. Dabs are loaded and vaped as needed. There are no pods or cartridges, only coils or buckets.

Dab Pens or Oil Pens use prefilled or self-filled cartridges or pods. The vapor is created by a disposable atomizer that is built into the oil cartridge. Standard cartridges are 510 threaded and there are several proprietary pod systems on the market, like the Pax Era and Stiiizy. There are even disposable oil pens where the battery and pod are tossed in the trash when empty.

Torch Dabs

Torch dabs are the gold standard in dab delivery and what every portable e-rig and email set out trying to be.

Dabbing the traditional way requires a torch, a bong, and a quartz banger.

Terp Slurpers are currently the best quartz bangers and the preferred method for dabbing involves a Dabrite or other banger thermometer.

I prefer torch dabs over all other methods.

Portable Dab Rigs (Electric)

Portable dab rigs like the Puffco Peak have forever changed the face of dabbing. Torches and bangers aren’t for everyone and these electric dab rigs make dabs easy enough for anyone.

The Puffco Peak Pro and Focus Carta 2 are the best portable dab rigs right now. Both use side-wall heated atomizers instead of bottom-heated.

The recently released Puffco Proxy is again sparking a revolution with its modular design. An entire economy of Proxy accessories has blossomed and artists all over the world have been contributing.

Best E-nails

E-nails are incredibly convenient for all-day-dabbing and marathon sessions. E-nails are hot and ready after a short heat-up time and they can stay hot all day long.

Mininail makes some of the best electric nails available and they come in three varieties: a coiled quartz banger and a hybrid deep dish quartz bucket of two sizes.

Cannabis Hardware’s T-Bucket is another luxury e-nail featuring a huge flat 30mm SIC or Sapphire dish in a beautiful titanium housing.

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Gpen GIO RE-Review // Herbology Oil Pods

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