First Look: Crafty+ Updates

The Crafty+ arrived yesterday at 4:20pm on the dot. I’m not sure what kind of strings Storz & Bickel pulled to arrange a DHL delivery with such precision – but I’ll love them forever for it. Just a few days ago, Storz pushed out a keynote address announcing exciting new updates to their lineup. The … Read more

Flowerpot Baller Head Upgrade from Cannabis Hardware

Video Chapters: 00:40 – This is my jobI review weed stuff01:49 – Brilliant Cut Sponsorship02:46 == Baseline B-Rod hit @ 711F05:00 – Removing balls from B-rod06:00 – Difference between balls / no balls07:00 == V-rod (no balls) hit @711F08:00 – Preheating Flowerpot Bowls09:50 – DC Elev8r intro11:00 – Elev8r Coil / PID Compatibility11:50 – Elev8r … Read more

12 Ton Dabpress Review – Affordable Rosin Press from Amazon

Solventless dabs are all the rage – and rightfully so. After the vape-cart scare of 2019, cannabis users nationwide have been growing more conscious of what goes into their lungs and how their cannabis concentrates are produced. Rosin Presses are a great way to produce solventless concentrates at home. No dangerous chemicals or crazy off-gassing … Read more

Mighty Vaporizer Accessories

Troy and Jerry recently spent two whole live streams dedicated to the Mighty – and they could easily spend two more. We covered all of the best, and the worst Mighty accessories in the stream, here’s a cut video highlighting just the portion where we talk about accessories. The Mighty is the best weed vaporizers … Read more

How to clean the Mighty Vaporizer

Updated 2021 – Best way to clean the Mighty! OLD WAY to Clean the Mighty Vaporizer The Mighty is a great vape! It’s one of the best weed vapes available. Cleaning the Mighty vaporizer is essential to maximizing performance. If your Mighty is your most used vaporizer, we highly recommend buying the 3x pack of … Read more

A Brief History of the DynaVap VapCap

dynavap vapcap history

The Dynavap vaporizer is a simple dry herb vaporizer that has revolutionized the way we use cannabis. The DynaVap vaporizer was originally released in 2015 . DynaVap has released several variations and models over the years. This page breaks down the history of the DynaVap vaporizer. The DynaVap History page is created and maintained by … Read more

Dynavap Drops WOW WORTHY Color Ms

My favorite thing about October is officially THIS. Dynavap is releasing 3 new colors of their popular thermal extraction device, the Dynavap Vapcap M. 1:36 – Actual Unboxing2:30 – Azurium Blue Dynavap M4:20 – Packing & Vaping Azurium5:15 – Still Blue after vaping5:45 – Orion Induction Heater6:20 – Still Blue after Induction7:00 – Brilliant Debowler … Read more