Containing your Dynavap Collection

These 3D printed trays will hold your Dynavap collection and tuck it away or display it nicely. If you already have a Dynavap green box, the trays fit PERFECTLY inside – making it the ultimate Dynavap vaporizer collection accessory. Cam over at KC Formations makes a few other Dynavap accessories as well.

VAPE SHELF TOUR: My 200+ Weed Vapes / E-Rigs

This video was deleted when Youtube deleted my channel. Re-uploaded to vimeo for archival purposes. It’s been a year and my collection has nearly doubled! New vape collection video is on my list. Desktop Vaporizers (1:50-5:00) Ditanium Vaporizer – The Ditanium is an enail and dry herb vaporizer combined. For $269 it’s a great value, … Read more

Dynavap Announces 2020 Vapcap M

Dynavap Vapcap M 2020 Review

Thursday, March 5th, Dynavap premieres the new 2020 edition of the Vapcap M. Dynavap changes up their extremely popular Vapcap M dry herb vaporizer every year with new enhancements and features. The Dynavap Vapcap M is one of my highest recommended budget vapes. It’s simple and extremely effective while remaining the cheapest dry herb vapes … Read more

Dynavap Buyers Guide: Which Dynavap Vapcap is right for you?

2021 Update – A LOT has changed in the Dynaverse and this buyers guide needs an update. Dynavap completely revamped their line-up of Thermal Extraction Devices (TEDs). The M remains the simplest and basic flagship device and the Omni is the higher end luxury device, while the new Vong replaces the Omnivong and the Hydravong … Read more

These are the Best Dry Herb Vapes for your BONG

Dry herb vaporizers are changing the way the world consumes cannabis, but that doesn’t mean we need to leave behind the traditional bongs and bubblers! These are the best weed vapes to use on your bong. While many vapes include a water pipe adapter, these vapes are the most powerful and most ideal for hitting through … Read more

Must Have Accessories for the Dynavap Vapcap

The DynaVap VapCap is a portable dry herb vaporizer with a thriving community of followers. The Vapcap is a simple vape with many varieties and options. Dynavap enables and encourages makers to make custom Vapcap stems and mouthpieces, even offering wholesale costs on raw materials and Dynavap parts! With so many Dynavap mods, upgrades, and … Read more