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My dry herb vape reviews and recommendations are objective and unbiased.

My vape testing is vigorous and thorough. I test all the vapes and review the best dry herb and concentrate vapes.

I vape daily and am continually testing and comparing products to provide the most up-to-date weed vape news and reviews.

Watch my videos to get a better understanding of how these weed vapes work.

Portable Dry Herb Vapes

Need to smoke stealthy? These tiny THC vaporizers use loose leaf to keep you medicated on the go.

Vapes for Bongs

Looking to vape through a bong? I’ve put together a list of vapes that work with bongs and mimic bong smoking – but with vapor!

Ball Vapes & Hard Hitters

Ready for the Big Leagues? These heavy hitting vaporizers are not for beginners.
Ball vapes are known for single-hit extractions packing more THC and more flavor than any other cannabis consumption method.

Dry Herb Vape 101

What is a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Dry Herb Vaporizer heats marijuana to extract THC and cannabinoids while leaving behind tars and other toxins. Dry Herb Vapes are a healthier alternative to smoking cannabis.

Herb vapes are loaded with ground cannabis or whole nugs!

Smoking weed the traditional way destroys 76% of THC.  Dry Herb Vapes waste nothing – even the leftover ABV can be eaten to get high again.

Dry Herb Vaporizers can extract more THC and cannabinoids than smoking!

How Do Dry Herb Vapes Work?

Dry herb vaporizers are essentially “heat not burn” technology.

Ground cannabis is loaded into a bowl and heated. The vapor is inhaled and enjoyed immediately.

How many hits? / When do I stop vaping?

Dry herb vapes are slower than smoking and often require multiple inhales. Many of the best portable dry herb vaporizers on the market take 5-10 minutes to finish vaping a bowl, which ends up being 8-14 hits.

More modern hard-hitting vapes are designed to extract quickly – even in one hit!

Stop vaping when it tastes bad and is extracted to your level of satisfaction. Some people toss half-green bowls, others roast until it’s coffee brown. It’s subjective!


Dry Herb Vape 101

Conduction vs Convection Vapes

Often oversimplified and rarely explained, the topic of convection vs conduction can be daunting – but it doesn’t need to be!

Conduction vapes extract thoroughly and provide a stoney high. Portable vapes like the Pax and Davinci utilize conduction heating over a slower vape session. Weed is packed tight and vapor is sipped casually, mouth to lung.
Portable Conduction Vapes include Pax 2/3, Davinci Vapes, Xvape Aria, and more.

Convection Vapes use hot air instead of a hot oven to vape your herbs. Vapor from convection vaporizers has more flavor and a “heady” high. 

Daily smokers tend to prefer convection vapes and convection-conduction hybrid vapes.

My favorite portable convection vapes are the Xmax V3 Pro and Airvape Legacy Pro.

Hybrid Vaporizers utilize both Conduction & Convection for maximum extraction power.  The most preferred vapes, and my favorites, are all hybrid.

Portables like the Mighty+, Rogue, and PotV ONE are all hybrid vaporizers.
Desktops: Flowerpot B2 

All Dry Herb Vapes List

If it’s not on this list, it’s probably trash.

I’ve separated the list of vapes and brands into Desktop Vapes and Portables. These lists are sorted alphabetically and not ranked by any sort of review points. 

If you’re not sure which vape you’re looking for, I recommend checking out the Best Portable Dry Herb Vapes for handheld vapes and the hardest-hitting vapes page for the best desktop vapes.

Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers

Airvape / Apollo Vaporizers

Airvape makes a few affordable vape options that are worthy. My favorites are the Airvape Legacy PRO and Airvape GO XS

Arizer Vapes

Arizer is a Canadian brand responsible for several desktop and portable vapes. They’re respectable products that produce tasty vapor, but they’re slow to extract.
Portable Arizer vapes: Arizer Solo 2, Arizer Air 2, Arizer Argo.

Boundless Vaporizers 

Boundless is a Chinese-made vaporizer with California-based headquarters.
Portable devices: Boundless CF, Boundless CFX, Boundless CFX+ (just released March 2022)

Davinci Vaporizers

Davinci Vaporizers have been around for years. Their original Davinci vape and the Davinci Ascent helped shape the face of today’s vape market. Today, Davinci offers the IQ2 and IQC as conduction vapes. These portable vapes offer a mouth-to-lung experience similar to Pax, or a blunt.

Dynavap Vaporizers

The Dynavap Vapcap is a game-changer and I truly believe every vaporist needs one in their arsenal of cannabis devices. If you’re new to vapes or Dynavap, hit up my Dynavap 101 for a full introduction and in-depth guide to the Dynaverse.


Flowermate vapes like the V5 and its variants set the bar for budget vapes These conduction-heated portable vapes are reliable and widespread throughout headshops and online vape stores alike. Flowermate isn’t very active in vape tech development these days, but they’re still producing affordable vapes with decent entry-level performance.

Healthy Rips

Healthy Rips bring us a few well-known and trusted portable vaporizers. The Rogue is my current top pick for portables. The smaller Fury Edge is just as good with just a few downgrades.

Pax Vaporizers

The Pax 2 and Pax 3 vape is one of the most popular dry herb vaporizers on the market. While it’s not high on my list, it’s still a worthy product. See my Pax 3 Review

Storz & Bickel Portable Vapes

In addition to the Volcano, S&B also makes medical-grade, high-quality portable vaporizers.
The Mighty+ is my most used portable vape. The Crafty+ is their other portable with half the power and a simplified temp control interface.

Sticky Brick Labs

The Sticky Brick vaporizers are some of the most agile vapes available. These butane-powered convection vapes are made of wood, glass, and magnets. They hit hard and they hit fast.

Tafee Bowle

The Tafee Bowle brings high-performance dry herb vape extraction in a new and unique vehicle. The Bowle is a vape built into a drinking cup. The two functions are completely separate. It’s a weed vape with an optional cup.

TinyMight / TinyMight2

The Tinymight is a high-performance import vape from Finland. The Tinymight and recently upgraded Tinymight 2 use a high surface area low mass convection heater to produce potent on-demand vapor.

Vestratto Anvil

The Anvil is a new butane heavy-hitting micro-doser. Similar to the Dynavap, but with added convection and copper thermal battery system. This is a badass vape but at a badass price.

Xmax / Xvape

This company makes some pretty nice battery-powered vapes. The Xvape division brings us the XLUX Roffu, the FOG – and The ARIA, which is Chong’s Choice labeled vaporizer in addition to one of my top recommendations.
The Xmax V3 Pro, from the Xmax group, is also one of today’s most recommended budget portable vapes.

Desktop Vaporizers

Arizer Extreme Q

Arizer sells several versions of their desktop vaporizer.

The V-Tower is the most basic, with no fan or balloons, just whips.

The Extreme Q and XQ2 both have nice electronics and a fan for blowing bags. These are nice starter vapes, but not heavy hitters.

Flowerpot Vape by Cannabis Hardware

Formerly “New Vape”, is a maker of high-end titanium desktop vaporizers, e-nails, and even rosin presses.
The B0, B1 and B2 Flowerpot “Baller Heads” are the hardest-hitting herb vapes available on the market currently.

Their new B-Zero (B-0) hits just as hard for significantly less money! The B0 has been my daily driver for the last few weeks without any loss of satisfaction.

Ditanium Vaporizer E-nail

The Ditanium is an old-school ceramic rod/titanium head herb vape with a new school quartz dish right on top! The Ditanium can vape herb and dab, even at the same time.

Epic Vape E-Nano

Now known as Epic Kai, these log vapes are known for their affordable pricing, long-term reliability and compact footprint. Log vapes are often in use all day and remain powered on and warm 24/7.

Old Head

Old Head has two powerful ball vapes on their resume – the Hot Rod (now retired), and the Old Head Freight Train. The Freight Train is one of the hardest-hitting dry herb vapes available.

Storz & Bickel Volcano

Storz & Bickel has been around for 20+ years and is the inventor of the Volcano vaporizor.
Desktops: Volcano Classic and Volcano Hybrid, and The Plenty

Underdog Log Vapes

Underdog is an American-made log vape that’s been on the market and respected longer than I’ve been reviewing vapes (2014) I currently do not own an Underdog vape and do not have any reviews.


The Vapbong is a giant ceramic dong-looking vape. It’s a heavy hitter with a unique electric bong functional art vibe. A great conversation piece, but not the best-tasting vapor.

Qaromashop Vapes

The Malaysian-made ball vapes use a PID and coil to produce an injector vape. Qaroma is the all quartz version, Ceroma is ceramic, and Taroma is titanium. I liked the Taroma best but still prefer my Flowerpot overall.

WoodScents Log Vaporizer

Ed’s TNT is a maker of fine wooden vape accessories as well as a luxury log vaporizer – The WoodScents Log Vaporizer

The WoodScents Log is different than other log vapes because it’s compatible with the Dynavap tip.

Log Vapes – Wooden Desktop Vapes

Log vapes are a unique desktop vape that uses low power and can remain on all day. The low wattage convection heater is installed inside of a turned piece of wood, hence the name “Log Vape”

There are 3 Log Vape makers on my list:

  • Woodscents by Eds TNT
  • Epic Vapes E-nano
  • Underdog Vaporizers

Out of Date Vapes / Retired

MFLB – Magic Flight Launch Box

The Magic Flight Launch Box was an iconic portable vape that is actually still on the market! It uses a AA battery and a tiny wooden box to vape weed. It’s too slow and too hard to use by 2022 best vape standards.

Vapor Bros Desktop Vape

I don’t really recommend this vape anymore, but it’s still widely available at headshops all around the world. 

VapeXhale Cloud Evo

The Cloud Evo was a great desktop vape with full convection power and pure glass flavor. VapeXhale went out of business in 2022.

Are Dry Herb Vaporizers Healthy?

Dry herb vaporizers extract the THC and cannabinoids directly from the ground cannabis or dry herb without smoke or combustion.

This type of weed vape uses as little as .05g of ground cannabis and will give you a cleaner and clearer high than smoking – while extracting nearly twice the amount of THC and cannabinoids.

The Difference between Vapor and Smoke

When you smoke marijuana every chemical in the plant is either combusted (wasted) or turned into absorbable smoke and vapor for your lungs. More than 65% of the THC and cannabinoids are completely wasted when you smoke. This is why we vape 🙂

Dry herb vaporizers do not destroy THC or cannabinoids. They don’t even destroy the dry herb!

Dry herb vapes extract 76% of cannabinoids. Smoking is closer to 30%

Dry herb vapes work by heating up the cannabis to release the cannabinoids into a vapor form. Each draw of your vaporizer pulls more and more THC and cannabinoids from your weed.

A single draw from a dry herb vaporizer may not be as potent as a single draw of smoke; however, a dry herb vaporizer can vape on that same pinch of weed for several minutes and extract close to 90% of all the THC and cannabinoids.

Modern desktop vapes can extract an entire bowl in one or two hits!

How to Use a Dry Herb Vaporizer

Dry herb vaporizers aren’t quite as simple as smoking, at least not at first. But what’s lost in simplicity is gained back in effectiveness, efficiency, and flavor.

Dry herb vapes extract more than twice the amount of THC and cannabinoids than any smoking method.

Dry herb vaporizers come in a variety of types and styles and each vape will have its own specifics, but they’re all basically:

Vaping Weed Instructions:

  1. Load vape with dry herb/marijuana
  2. turn vape on / heat vape up
  3. inhale, exhale
    repeatedly, as needed.
  4. Enjoy your lunar visit

How to use On-Demand Dry Herb Vaporizers

On-Demand vapes are a special breed of portable herb vape. These vapes are extremely quick to heat and only heat enough of your marijuana to produce one hit.

Whip it out. Take a quick hit. Put it away feeling higher than before.

Depending on the vape, you may need to turn it on before using it. On-demand vapes use convection and will work best with a medium or coarse grind. Don’t pack your bowl too tightly! Convection needs to have a bit of airflow to vape your dry herb evenly.

On-Demand vapes will serve up to 2-10 hits per bowl, depending on your heat settings and taste preferences.

How to use a Session Vape

Session-style vapes heat the weed up and give you vapor for several minutes. Desktop vapes can often be on and ready all day!

The most popular portable vaporizers are session vapes like the Pax 3 and the Mighty.

To use an electronic or battery-powered session vape, load it with your favorite dry herb and turn the device on.  Set your preferred temp and wait for it to heat up. Session vapes usually take 30-60 seconds to heat up. I like to turn them on before loading, that way the wait time blends with prep time.

Inhale vapor repeatedly. Don’t let it go to waste. Vape until it vapes no more.

When the flavor is gone, or past your preference, empty your vape out. The leftover material should be tan to dark brown – NOT BLACK.

Vaped marijuana is referred to as ABV – Already Been Vaped. The lamest sounding acronym ever. Also terrible for semantic findability.

You can reload your session vape and keep on vaping, or put it away and see where the first bowl takes you.

Session vapes usually use .1g to 1g of dry cannabis. Most of the handheld and portable dry herb vapes only hold .1-.15g.

How to Use a Dry Herb Vape Pen

Dry herb vape pens are a slightly different beast. Most of them are a crapshoot, honestly.

Many of the dry herb vape pens sold in head shops and by Snoop Dog are actually shitty combustion devices. You may get some vapor before the smoke, but it’s still smoke.

If your dry herb vape pen has visible coils of wire or ceramic, it’s time to toss it and get a real dry herb vape. But to make the best of it now, pack it tight with a fine grind and try to keep the temp low by pulsing the button on and off.

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