Going live today for Vape Church! I have fresh nugs and fresh dabs, lets vape! This week I want to initiate a positivity and gratefulness challenge. It’s Thanksgiving, what better time than now. This week lets make an effort to avoid negative thoughts and useless complaining. When a negative thought pops into your head, catch … Read more

TWO new products from Dynavap!?!?

In tonight’s epic episode of the Modern Cannabists podcast, we unboxed a mystery package from Dynavap and unveiled TWO never-before-seen products. The stream turned into an epic 4 hour session with George, the brilliant mind behind the Dynavap vaporizer. We talked about the new products, life philosophies, and so much more. Dynavap Builder Kit The … Read more

FIRST LOOK: Crafty+ from Storz & Bickel

The long-awaited and much overdue update to the Crafty vaporizer is finally here! While these updates aren’t drastically different, the performance increase is substantial enough for me to be excited. Storz & Bickel Crafty is now Crafty+ The Crafty originally launched in 2014 and has remained one of the most popular high-end portable dry herb … Read more

Metal Mighty Cooling Unit: Stainless Steel UPGRADES for the Mighty Vaporizer

The Mighty vaporizer has been considered the best portable dry herb vape by ALL of the vape reviewers with any shred of integrity or and an ounce of experience. But that doesn’t automatically exclude the Mighty from criticisms and complaints… One of the biggest anti-Mighty arguments is material based. The Mighty is is a plastic … Read more

420vapezone LIVE: Firewood 6 + Gpen Connect + Gpen Elite

Happy Friday! This afternoon I’ll be live on youtube with a Firewood 6 first look and early review. The Firewood 6 is a kickass handmade wooden dry herb vape. It’s on-demand and full convection and it’s only $195. After the Firewood 6 talk we’re going to talk about the Gpen situation. The Gpen Connect is … Read more