Ghost MV1 available for reservation. kinda

The Ghost Vapes website changed. They’re offering a reservation, but there’s still messaging that says they’ll be sold on a first come first served basis. Maybe I’m just high. I’m not as excited as I was about this vape. I’m still going to buy it, but I’m going into it with a fresh objective expectation. … Read more

Boundless Unveils 3 New Units

Boundless is back on the radar with 2 new units promised in today’s weekly livestream. In true stereotypical stoner fashion, the livestream putzed around for 40 minutes before actually delivering the goods. They also underpromised and over delivered, so I suppose I can let it pass this time. CFX 2.0! – Adjustable convection/conduction ratio – … Read more

Vivant Alternate Review – The Crafty Killer?

Vivant Alternative vs Crafty - bowl size

UPDATE: NOV 5, 2017 I currently do not stand by any of the opinions found on this page. The vape has changed materials, designs, and distribution. I am currently re-reviewing. Buy the Alternate at your own risk. The Alternate is a new portable dry herb/cannabis vaporizer from Vivant – also new. The Alternate is powered by … Read more

DaVinci IQ First Impression

Testing every aspect of a vape is an arduous process of running several ounces of weed through the unit. Troy is currently meticulously testing the DaVinci IQ. Before we go any further, I would just like to make it clear this is not a review of the IQ. This is merely my (George’s) first impression after using it … Read more

Boundless CFV Unboxing Video

We’ve been following the development of the CFV for quite a while. After months of patiently waiting we finally got the good news that Boundless received their first batch of CFVs. Now for the best part about getting a new vape (other than using it) the unboxing! The CFV is available now at Puffitup Boundless … Read more

Flowermate SWIFT Pro – (FIRST LOOK)

Black and Green SWIFT Pro

Holy shit I got my hands on the new Flowermate SWIFT Pro! It’s their new 100% convection portable vape that will be out mid October.  Their Flowermate 5.0s is a kickass little budget vape with good vapor and great build quality. I’m excited to see how SWIFT Pro performs. I’ll be testing and writing a … Read more

6 NEW Weed Vapes We’re Excited About

Exciting times are upon us! Full cannabis legalization is on the ballots of FIVE states this year.  California will most likely pass, which will mean the entire West Coast will be be legal. There will be no questioning whether the West Coast is really the Best Coast in 2017. There’s also a bunch of new … Read more

NEW VAPE: Magic Flight PICO

Last week Magic Flight slipped this little ‘electric one-hitter’ onto their site. It’s an experimental build and an alpha product. Even the name PICO is just a temporary placeholder. The PICO is designed to vaporize AND/OR combust, giving the user the freedom to completely extract their material. Like the Magic Flight Launch Box, it has … Read more