Boundless CF Software Update

The Boundless CF is one of our favorite vapes, and the guys at Boundless just gave it some upgrades! The added features will definitely improve user experience. Memory Function The CF will now remember exactly what heat temp your last session ended on. This should definitely help cut down on the unnecessary clicks. Battery Indicator Prior … Read more

Unfounded Raid on Care By Design


On June 15, 2016 in Santa Rosa, California a massive 100 officer raid was conducted on one of the most well known cannabis extract companies: Care By Design (makers of Absolute Xtracts). The raid is said to have occurred as a result of a disgruntled former employee telling authorities that Care By Design (CBD) utilizes butane in their extraction process. … Read more

Germany Announces Plans To Legalize Medical Marijuana

Today is a great day for the Medical Marijuana Community! The German Government just announced plans to sign legislation to outright legalize medical cannabis this coming Monday. The bill was proposed by German Health Minister Herman Gröhe, and allows seriously ill patients access to medicinal marijuana. Germany is looking to take on a larger role in the mmj … Read more

DEA Considering Rescheduling Marijuana

“Is crack worse for a person than marijuana?” -Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) “I believe all illegal drugs are bad,” Former DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart “Is Methamphetamine worse for someone’s health than marijuana? Is Heroine worse for a person’s health than marijuana?” “I believe all illegal drugs are bad,” -Leonhart This was the hard line stance … Read more

Australia Legalizes Medical Marijuana MMJ

As the grip of prohibition slips from the throat of medical marijuana. Australians celebrate their victory Wednesday as their parliament voted to legalize medical marijuana. This victory in Australia is another example of how grassroots organizations can get the truth out there to their neighbors, community leaders, and politicians. One of the groups whom championed the cause … Read more

Roseanne Barr Opening A Dispensary in Santa Ana: Roseanne’s joint

As medical marijuana gains momentum across America, the public’s willingness to put up with the prohibition of marijuana is rapidly decreasing. Notable public figures have started coming out from behind the beaded closet curtain to publicly support medical marijuana. Notable public figures such as presidential nominee Bernie Sanders, and in a plot twist worthy of an M … Read more

Eaze Review – Cannabis Delivery

There’s a new marijuana delivery service sweeping through the West Coast. We’ve been using them now for about a month and we’re in love. Mobile ordering, online verification, fast friendly delivery, and high quality products at decent prices. Oh, and don’t forget coupons and discounts.