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Buying all of the vapes gets expensive and only a handful of vapes and stores offer financial support for me. My mission is to own, review, and compare every single weed vape available and help provide objective and trustworthy knowledgebase for the cannabis community.

Starting 2023 I’m making *some* content exclusive to Patreon. Mainstream and high-level vape content will always remain free, but my more traditional long-form sesh videos will require $1/month minimum membership.

Angus Vaporizer Review

Angus Vaporizer Review

First things first - thank you for being a supporter! The Angus Vaporizer has the potential to be a great vaporizer - but it isn't quite ready for mainstream and needs more time in development before it's reliable, trusted, or recommended.If you're a vape geek VASing...

Dynavap M+ Uber Driver

I haven't published any of my Dynavap M+ content yet, but I wanted to toss this one up for the supporters. This is a nod to the old Jimmy the Cab Driver promo commercials on MTV.