*LIMITED EDITION* 420vapezone Debowlers Available NOW

I’ve collaborated with NeedleDrop Debowlers and Puffitup to offer these LIMITED EDITION debowlers! Each debowler is HAND MADE with an upcycled vinyl record. They’re heated and hand-shaped to a perfect desktop debowler size. The art was drawn by my 16 year old daughter! Available @Puffitup Tshirts Too In addition to these debowlers, I have t-shirts … Read more

Sticky Brick Society Secret Sesh

Twenty-five loyal and passionate Sticky Brick Vape users came together for an epic session. We vaped and chatted about these magical vaporizers and why we love them so much. By the end of the 2+ hour session we all made new friends and learned new things. I’ve edited the session down to a manageable 1.5 … Read more

Puffco Peak Insert Comparison: Quartz vs SIC vs Ceramic vs Titanium

The Puffco Peak is still the most popular electronic dab rig on the market. Its worldwide success has led to an array of aftermarket accessories and upgrades – like these new Puffco Peak inserts from Cream City Vapes! Cream City Vapes sent me their selection of Puffco Peak inserts to test and compare. They sell … Read more

Volcano Hybrid $559 (20% off!)

Volcano Hybrid Review 2019

This is this years BIG DEAL! 20% savings on the NEWEST, most powerful desktop vape!! The Volcano Hybrid heats up in 45 seconds and can extract a full .5g bowl into a single bag using the advanced vaping app. This is an end-game vape and will melt your face off. Use code SBGREEN to apply … Read more

Hottest Ghost MV1 Deal EVAR!?!?

Seriously this price is startling. This vape was $379 two years ago. Now it’s 175 with a free crucible dispenser? WOW! The MV1 isn’t for everyone. It’s finicky and a bit cumbersome, but it can deliver some incredible vapor if you’re willing to put in the dedication.