Hot Rod Review // Hard-Hitting Desktop Vaporizer (Old Head / Sticky Brick Collab)

hot rod desktop vaporizer

For years cannabis vapes have carried a reputation for being weak and wimpy. Power users relied on desktop vapes for their power sessions, but many serious stoners stuck with smoking. 2021 Brings us Ball Vapes The bleeding edge of dry herb vape tech is a whole new ball game – literally. Today’s most powerful herb … Read more

Stempod Review & Demo – Rebuildable Dry Herb Tank for 510 Mods

The StemPod is the first rebuildable and customizable 510-powered CONVECTION dry herb tank. What makes this different than those shitty Migvapor Sub ohm tanks? It works. Immediately and reliably. It uses hot air to vaporize your weed for the absolute best flavor and maximum vapor production You can rebuild and customize your own convection coils Watch my … Read more

Dry Herb Atomizer ROUNDUP: ALL 510 Dry Herb Tanks Compared

Box mods have taken vaping and vapes to the next level. If you already own a box mod battery you’re already halfway to a quality dry herb vaporizer! These dry herb atomizers are the best way to vaporize weed / dry herb with your box mod. There are several low-quality attachments and vape tanks intentionally … Read more