THE RIO: Rig In One – Cold Start Dab Rig with Built-In Torch – By Stache Products

UPDATE: 3/7/2020The RIO has been my #1 choice for dabbing for the last 10 months. I prefer it over traditional rigs and ALL of my electronic dab rigs.The RIO has been updated and improved several times, including the Rio Makeover which launched February 2020. See my Rio Makeover review or just go buy a Rio … Read more

Dr. Dabber Switch Review – Portable Induction Dab Rig

The Dr. Dabber SWITCH is the first ever induction heated portable enail.  Capable of powering through 80 full-temp dabs without needing a recharge, the Switch is convenient for dabbing anywhere around the house. Dr. Dabber designed the Switch to be easy to use and more civilized and convenient than traditional dabbing methods.  No more torches and … Read more