Vape Sesh: DreamWood DLX Pro, Sticky Brick Jr + Runt, Fresh Rosin, Boundless Tera

Originally streamed Feb 16, 2019 In this Instagram livestream I vape 4 bowls and one ginormous dab of freshly pressed rosin. I start off with a bowl in the Boundless TERA, which is one of the most powerful battery powered portables available. After the Tera this session is 100% butane powered. The Dreamwood DLX comes … Read more

Volcano Vaporizer VS Ditanium Desktop Vape + Enail: Desktop Vape Comparison

In this session video I compare the Volcano Classic with the Ditanium dual purpose desktop vape/enail. The Volcano is a bag/balloon vape only, and it’s going to set you back $410 after a 15% discount (code 420vapezone) The Ditanium is a dry herb vape and enail that uses a whip to direct draw or connect … Read more

Instagram Sesh: Dreamwood Punch & Glow, The Ember by Prrl Labs, and the Boundless TERA

In last night’s live stream I vaped a couple bowls in both the Dreamwood Punch and the Dreamwood Glow. Dreamwood vapes are artisan made in Germany! The Punch is a butane powered convection vape similar to the Sticky Brick vapes. The Glow is a badass little 510 powered herb atomizer with a convection heater and wooden … Read more