THE PINKY Official Release and Build Guide!!!

** This is a contribution by Secreagent, both the vape invention and the DIY write-up** Introducing The Pinky: an open-source DIY injector style thermal extraction device. The Pinky features PID Temperature control, a color-changing heater that indicates when it is hot, and a highly adaptable injector interface for all your extraction needs. The core of … Read more

Can you vape Delta-8 THC?

Marijuana-derived vaping products have been flying off the shelves in recent months. Why? Being stuck indoors with nothing to do may have something to do with it. But many people also see vaping as a great way to consume marijuana without all the coughing, ash, smell, and other negatives associated with smoking. In addition, for … Read more

Clouds of Caffeine – Vaping Whole Bean Coffee

vaping coffee beans

This is not my original idea and I claim no credit to its originality nor its safety. People have been using aromatherapy devices and dry herb vaporizers to inhale alternative medicines for centuries. The earliest recorded history of vaping can be traced back to Egypt in 5 B.C. Dry herb vaporizer users have been supplementing … Read more

Haze Vaporizers IS BACK, RBT is For Sale, New Dynavap Stuff – Vape News 8/14/2020

Fun stuff happening this week! I put out a rosin squishing tips video with my Rosinbomb Rocket on monday, I don’t recommend that little rosin press, but it’s what I have to live with right now. My Herb Ripper 2.0 review is out! It’s the only stainless steel herb grinder I have that’s worth using. … Read more

Dynavap Adds LIMITED Vaporizer Section including a SIMRELL COLLECTION Vape

Today in their planned livestream, Dynavap announced that they’ve added a LIMITED SECTION to their website. Dynavap will be listing small quantities of obscure and limited availability parts and vaporizers. New Old Stock 2017, 2018, and 2019 Dynavap Vapcap Ms Dynavap has listed several 2017 and 2018 Vapcap M on their Limited Page. These are … Read more

Containing your Dynavap Collection

These 3D printed trays will hold your Dynavap collection and tuck it away or display it nicely. If you already have a Dynavap green box, the trays fit PERFECTLY inside – making it the ultimate Dynavap vaporizer collection accessory. Cam over at KC Formations makes a few other Dynavap accessories as well.

Eaze Review: Grape Jelly by Lolo Farms

Eaze is a cannabis delivery service in California offering recreational and medicinal marijuana to anyone in the state. Eaze uses a network of dispensaries and delivery drivers for the fulfillment, so the menu varies a bit – but most brands and consistently available throughout California. If you use this Eaze coupon, you can get $20 … Read more