Boundless Livestream 11/2/16

New WPA coming Also with a mini bubbler. CFV Mouthpiece Update – finally in, shipping soon CFV Stainless Steel Chamber – adds more conduction – not coming with cfv, sold separately CF 710 – available in about a month!

Flowermate SWIFT Pro Review

Black and Green SWIFT Pro

The Flowermate SWIFT Pro is the first FULLY CONVECTION portable vaporizer from Flowermate. At 4.3″ tall, 2.2″ wide, 1.1″ deep and weighing just 4.5oz, the SWIFT Pro is very pocketable. It is available NOW at Vapor Quality & Taste Flowermate hit a home run in this department. Vapor from the SWIFT Pro is clean, … Read more

Boundless Vapes Livestream 10-26-16

New backdrop this week, as well as a 2nd cam for close-up shots. Looks great guys! Product Updates: CFV – New mouthpieces are delayed, still not here. Partial shipment should arrive at Boundless HQ by friday Plastic used: ? – full msds coming soon CFC: – Preorders from the CFV should ship Dec 1 CF … Read more

Boundless Livestream 10-12-16

cfc next to boundless CF

Long sleeves today, SoCal is getting chilly (<70F). Aaron and Bree join the livestream with Randall and Eric. Lots of shoutouts to 420vapezone today, thanks guys! Randall is promising that ALL 2nd rendition products will have removable battery. Livestream might be on friday if they get new shipment in early enough. Otherwise they’ll do one … Read more

Boundless Livestream 10/1/2016

In case you missed Boundless Vape’s livestream, here’s a quick recap of all the action. Boundless CFV Yesterday (10/1/2016) was, unfortunately, the last day to Pre-Order a CFV. Everyone that pre-ordered one will receive a FREE CFC, Boundless Shirt, Water Pipe Adaptor, and Loading Cap (we can’t wait to get ours) One of the unique features about the CFV … Read more

Boundless CFV (Red) – FIRST LOOK

I was lucky enough to to get my hands on the new Boundless CFV pure convection vaporizer. I’m spending all of my time testing it out and getting to know it better. Here’s a gallery of pics from the bench. Enjoy! The CFV is available now at Puffitup

Boundless Vapes News 9/12/16 – LiveStream Recap

In case you missed today’s livestream from Boundless Vapes, here’s a quick run-down of what went down. Boundless CFV The Boundless CFV, a 100% convection portable vaporizer is coming soon. – Preorder Dates will be September 25th – 30th – Preorders will recieve a free CFC (new ultraportable conduction unit) – Preorders will receive free … Read more

FireFly 2 FINALLY available!!

The Firefly 2 is officially available at PuffitUp! This 100% convection, on-demand vaporizer was released early this year, but has been in high demand and short supply. It’s the #1 highest rated vape at both VapeCritic and Vaporizer Wizard due to its wonderful vapor flavor, quick heat up time, easy maintainence, and sleek design. Read … Read more