Which one of us is higher: George or Troy? @champstradeshows

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Champs is the biggest and best 420 tradeshow. The most exciting times of the year! Vape companies and other cannabis-related product makers gather in Las Vegas with cannabis influencers, head shop owners, and glass blowers to participate in the semi-annual trade show celebrating everything weed and counter culture.

We hit Champs in Vegas in February of this year. It was an amazing experience! One of the more memorable experiences was trying the unreleased Boundless Tera. Troy refused to hit the Tera until he shot an unboxing video to truly capture his first impression of the vape.

We met up with Ghost as they unveiled the improved MV1 to the public. Ghost had an amazing set up at the show and we can’t wait to see what they’re doing this time. They were also one of the few booths to have bean bag chairs for the exhausted patrons to rest, which was genius!

In addition to all the vendor booths, Champs also hosts a glassblowing competition, referred to as Glass Games, featuring some of the most revered and well known glass blowers. It was an honor to see their works of art come to life over the course of the expo.

Champs July 2018 Preview

This upcoming Champs looks extremely promising!

Boundless – Boundless is presenting the v3 Boundless Tera. Troy will be carrying his TERA around the show demonstrating and medicating. #sharingiscaring

Ghost – We’re also looking forward to seeing what Ghost has in store for us. The MV1 continues to make progress and Ghost has given us glimpses of totally new products coming … eventually.

Humboldtvapetech – Humboltvapetech is also on our radar. Top airflow Saionara are the new rage.

Santa Cruz – Santa Cruz makes the BEST grinder and they also had one of our favorite booths. They had an amazing display full of collaborations. As a big time Santa Cruz fan, Troy is excited to see what new collaborations we can look forward to in 2019. We’re also looking forward to seeing all the limited edition grinders in person.

New Vaporizers – There’s some rumors buzzing around about some new vaporizers in the works. Be sure to subscribe or follow our Instagram to get updates on any new vapes we come across at Champs!