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DEA stands by their ignorance, refuses to reschedule cannabis

deaWell that’s disappointing. The DEA has once again proven it’s a corrupt and ridiculous agency.

Refusing to acknowledge modern science, and sticking to their archaic ‘Flat Earth’ position, the DEA has decided to keep cannabis in the Schedule 1 drug list.
This essentially means the DEA observes cannabis as having ZERO medicinal value, while being as deadly and dangerous as Heroin, LSD, Ecstasy. Even more dangerous than Cocaine!

The decision was announced yesterday, after months and months of delays. They were probably busy getting blowjays from the big pharma companies.

It’s disappointing to see our government run by, and relying on such out-dated science and philosophies. 2.6 MILLION people are using medical marijuana to ease their chronic pain, eradicate their migraines, eliminate epileptic seizures, fight cancer cells, etc. TWENTY-FIVE states have legalized medical marijuana, four states have legalized recreational marijuana, and this year 14 more are potentially joining the list.

While this is a blow to the cannabis progress, it’s a more significant blow to the relevance and trust of the DEA. Cannabis is becoming more and more accepted in society, both as recreation and medicinal.

Regardless, we need to be outraged. We need to unite, and rally. We need to step forward, embracing cannabis, and disregard negative stereotypes and social connotations.

Fuck the DEA and the archaic horse-and-carriage they rode in on.

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