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Questions on RBT Splinter Z Vapwood Lil Bud Elite/Timber Elite Tubo Dual/Tetrax

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I owned the Splinter Z. Took me about 50 bowls to dial in the TC settings how I wanted them. Once that was done I was finding myself packing about .1 - .15 just because I wanted to stir once and if I packed a big bowl it was a bit of a pain for me. I'd like something that didn't need a stir... or a second hit for that matter. Something a little more powerful, and hopefully a bigger bowl. Most of these devices seem so similar, though, I wonder how different the experiences really are. I'm also thinking I could go for a Sticky Brick Runt and just say eff passing my vapes to noobs who will combust. Sticky Bricks seems more up my alley bowl size wise and a bit more versatile with how you can vape a bowl without changing settings by just using different lighter techniques. I could see myself slow ripping a bowl at home, but if I'm out and about and want to be discreet just rippin' her hard and caching her out asap. Idk. Passing to friends and strangers is super chill, imo, I meet strangers who I can vape with relatively regularly through my line of work, it'd be cool to have something monkey-proof.

Does anybody have experience with more than one electronic unit mentioned in the title who can compare? The Tetrax sounds like best option for me since it's cheap, marketed as non-stir, and I can run it off a triple 18650 mod.

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