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« on: October 10, 2019, 02:08:18 PM »
Have been on this site and many more. First time back in Aug 2019. At that time first time vaper. Read reviews watch videos, try to do my homework. The thing that finally convince me was Troy video with the portables an the graph he did, love it.

Got the Fury II, Love it. I thought better than everybody was saying about it (expected the opposite). Healthier (smoking only the good part and not the junk), use a whole lot less herb (don't see smoke from burning joint, only smoking when I take a draw,none just going up in air). Only down side no cloud or a lot less than a joint. Well lets see healthier, less herb (Something that makes a difference). No clouds (something looks good but makes no difference) Da !!!  Again love it an THANKS TO ALL in helping me determine what was best for me.
Onward and to something new for me.
Arize Extreem Q, with DDave mod (getting whole kit),  12" 50 x 9mm Glass on Glass Water Pipe Bong by Encore Collection (shoot off of black sheep gallery).
Early Christmas present for me.
Have heard and want comment that would give me what I want.  Arize Extreem Q have heard I better flavor (than Fury II), Slight bigger bowl ( with Fury II and bubbler 2 about .07 gm, Arize Extreem Q 18   mm adapter elbow, dome screen, have heard 1 gr. The graph Troy did on the different port vaps, how would this rate compared to Fury II in flavor? 
DDave mod for better heating     
12" 50 x 9mm Glass on Glass Water Pipe Bong by Encore Collection. Have heard that this water bong and vap would produce good clouds (besides other then bongs are good for) The glass is 9 mm thick but they say imported, (not boro or Pyrex) good, bad ?  Downstem Type : 18/14 Low Profile with diffuser cuts (will this work with 14 mm elbow adapter that comes with DDave mod kit)(I have heard water bong increase clouds) ?     

My Fury II again love it and Thanks for all the information on it. Any advice on questions or extreem  setup Thank's in advance                                                                   



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Re: THANKS !!!!
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Slightly confused as to what you're after. Extreme q is desktop but fury 2 is portable?

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Re: THANKS !!!!
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Have Fury II ,got because of information and reviews. Again thanks !                                                                                                                                                                                   
Getting Arizer Extreme Q get up.   (as above) 
 Want to know how the two compare.( Flavor & Smoke ) ?
Want to know if the set up I'm getting will give me what I'm looking for. (more flavor and smoke than the Fury ((very happy with Fury))
If not what should I get ?