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Dynavap M or POTV One as first vape?

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Dynavap M or POTV One as first vape?
« on: May 29, 2019, 09:20:44 PM »
Hey Troy! Recent fan here getting into vaping. I love your videos and your personality man. I am considering Dynavap M or The One as my first vape. I want The One mainly because of the curved mini bubbler adapter and how good the vape itself seems to be. Dynavap because of the accessories, no battery, price, and seems to be really good overall as well. I don’t know how which one to pick because I want dynavap but I want to hit it through water too and I don’t have a bong :( should I buy The One with the bubbler or the Dynavap? If I can find a decent bong for not so much I can consider it.

Also! I am traveling to Toronto for a week in 6 days, are there any vape shops there that I can go see them vapes personally? That would be fun! :)
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Re: Dynavap M or POTV One as first vape?
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2019, 09:12:40 AM »
Hey man, sorry this response took so long.

it's a tough decision you have here. Both of these are great vapes but the experience and the vapor itself are the big differentiators.

A vapcap on a bong is a great experience, but I probably only connect to a bong 8% of the time with any of my vapcaps - even the ones that fit natively.
I like a thick milky hit with my vapcap and getting it through water takes more suction power than I like to muster up.

The One through a bong, or with the little bubbler attachment, is easy pulling and wonderful vapor - it's just not as milky as the vapcap *can be* (*can* because the vapcap will only deliver thick vapor if you heat and pack properly)

For what it's worth - I use my Fury 2/One about twice as frequently as my vapcap (at least right now, for the last few months)