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  • Vape Review/Comparison Requests??

    Hey Troy, Thanks bud! With you and some help from your frens I quit smoking bud, I vape everything now. I quit smoking tobacco through vaping so when I saw your videos it wasn’t a hard sell. Now 5 dynavap’s, a vortex an orion and a rio later I need your help again. There’s a company that’s legendary in the nicotine vape industry and they’re trying their hand in the herbal market. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Dotmod, their new device is the Dotleaf.

    I need someone with your tolerance and bong ripping ability to do a review. I’ve


    Now we know what Bane's mask really does!

  • Mighty+...??

  • Looking at Logs, I need some yes men (and women)

    Hey @tronzo669, I did end up getting the e-nano. I got the case and stand. Makes it easy to be able to put everything away. With the case, the long stems will not fit in there. I have an induction heater, so that is why I went more towards e-nano. I enjoy the all glass stems, lots of flavor. Learning curve is you can not pack a bunch in there. It works great as a quick one-hitter. You can still pack a bunch, but lots of stirring and tamping back down. I think the Woodscents is more aesthetically pleasing. I like being able to have a few stems packed and just hit them periodically throughout the evening. The e-nano is great for use on a bong. It is light weight enough that there is no strain on the glass joints.  

  • Looking at Logs, I need some yes men (and women)

    Hey mate!

    I can't say much on the E-nano but I haven't heard a single bad review on it. I think you probably can't go wrong either way.

    I do have a Woodscents though and can confirm, it's bloody awesome! If you haven't seen what Ed's got in the works for his 2020 models, then you should definitely check out his Instagram. Honestly, it's tempting me to get another one cos they look sweeeeeet.

    I can say that the draw on the Woodscents, when using a Dynavap tip as a bowl is still what I would consider a restricted draw, but it is far less restricted than the thickshake restriction which is the Dynavap with its cap on. I think it's at a good level of restriction where you can put it on any glass piece and just rip on it with no consideration of your draw speed and get great results every time. The 3 cables never bothered me, nor did they every come unplugged or anything like that, though I do understand it can look a bit unwieldy. The best part of the Woodscents though is the vast amount of options and customizability when it comes to stems since it uses Dynavap tips as a bowl.

    Anyway, like I said, you can't go wrong with either choice I reckon. If the wooden case is your only consideration and if it's that important to you then I say just get the E-nano. Otherwise, I think you should get the Woodscents and find a nice case for it elsewhere. You did say you liked the look of them more and if you have a variety of Dynavap stems lying around, it will give them a second life.

    Good luck! You can't make a wrong decision here really.

  • Vape Review/Comparison Requests??

    Gotta see a a comparison of vapor quality using the Orion vs Portside Mini. Especially since Jerry seems to prefer the Portside. We all know the physical differences and all the different bells and whistles on the Orion. At the end of the day for me, an induction heater that gives you the best first hit is what i would prefer.

  • Looking at Logs, I need some yes men (and women)

    oooh, i think an e-nano / woodscents would make a great 2-fist tuesday!

  • Vape Church 06/21 Vaping 101

    Sorry if this is late, Troy did ask us for some ideas on the zoom session the other day. I just remembered!! :-)

    For many in this community, vape 101 is a bit redundant. However, I've many questions I'm asked that I can/cannot answer by people who I'm trying to convert to vaping, so this Church could be a great opportunity!

    In no particular order, here's some of the common questions/themes I've heard/been asked/always wondered…..

    Vaping vs e-cigs

    • Difference between dry herb vaping and the e-cig vaping?
    • Is there anything the vape community can do to distance themselves from e-cigs?


    • Who invented the vaporizer? Is there any known history behind it?
    • When/how did you discover vaping? 
      • Did you stop smoking straight away? Did you transition into vaping - or do you still smoke?
    • What was your first vape?
    • When did you realise there’s a whole community who love vapes and vaping?
    • When did you realise you had VAS?

    Scientific studies

    • Has there been any scientific studies into dry herb vaping?
    • Is there actual proof it's healthier/safer?
    • Has there been any studies to the (positive) effects of vaping vs smoking? (ie, does it deliver CBD/THC to the body more efficiently? or is vaping purely more beneficial because you're not combusting?)

    Convection/Conduction heating

    • What's convection heating? What's conduction heating? 
    • Is one better than the other? 
    • Are there factors when using one over the other is preferred? (ie, when using flower or concentrates)
    • What vapes excel at convection/conduction?
    • Is there anything you should look for when purchasing a convection or conduction vape? (Ie, convection vapes should have ____, ____ and ___ features)

    Session/On Demand

    • What’s the difference
    • When it’s best to use session/on demand?
    • What do you prefer?

    Electric vs Butane?

    • What do you prefer?
    • Apart from the power source, are there any benefits to using one over the other?


    • If you can choose your temperature, What temperature do you vape at?
    • Does temperature affect you differently?
    • Does grind coarseness affect anything?
    • Do you prefer fine, medium or coarse grind?


    • Or is it ABV??
    • How do you store it?
    • What can you do with AVB?
    • How much do you collect until you make something with it?


    • One vape you regret buying?
    • One vape you’d buy again (if you lost/damaged it)
    • One vape that's on your wishlist?
    • Favourite vape to use at home?
    • Favourite vape to use outside of the home?
    • Do you share your collection with friends or do you keep it to yourself?
    • Do you buy second hand vapes or do you not like the idea of owning something that someone else once vaped?
    • Have you tried to vape anything other than cannabis?
    • What’s your favourite non-vape accessories
    • Where do you see the future of cannabis vaping heading?
    • Are there any vapes in the future you’re looking forward to being released?
    • What features do you want to see in new vapes?
    • What features do you wish vape manufacturers would stop doing?

    I think you folks should have plenty to talk about. Looking forward to watching!!

    Mighty Jimbo!

  • Looking to Collect/Purchase a List of Best On Demand Vaporizers

    I like the E-nano as a TRUE on-demand desktop. And I mean TRUE on demand because its always on 24/7 so you just walk over and take a hit. So its even more on-demand than a butane vape would be. And since its only $169 for Black Friday I think it is a really good deal.

  • Troy's torch

    Thank you, I spend a helluva long time doing Amazon searches and not finding this thing!