Troy's Volcano Classic Giveaway!

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Welcome to the new forums!

I was recently gifted a shiny gold Volcano from Storz and Bickel. It replaces my Volcano Classic (stainless) that was given to me by @PuffItUp years ago.

Rather than sending the old classic back, Randy at Puffitup suggested giving it away to someone who wants it!


Here's the rules:

  • Post in this thread to enter. (multiples will be ignored)
  • must have profile picture / avatar!
  • must be USA (sorry, shipping is killer, customs forms are rapists)

I'll pick a winner on the 24th

MudChestnutsownerwabesLuxCDXXJade_0mccf0purplefivesakstonerdadrow_hun52GunlocatorsForest20and 5 others.


  • Hell yeah, I could use a Volcano. Thanks Randy!

  • sweet contest. I have a classic already, so Iim gonna sit this one out. Good luck everybody.

  • i would love a Volcano. It’s not only one of my favorite Jimmy Buffett songs I would truly enjoy using a classic Volcano.

  • Wow, how generous, good on you Troy for putting it forward.

    Good Luck All!


  • What a great way to kick off the new forum!!!

  • A volcano seems like it would be the perfect way for me to add a non-butane vape into the rotation! ?

  • I have dreamed of owning a volcano for 15 years since first using one thankfully I have now entered the vapezone I may just have one ,one day ???

  • Good luck to everyone. A volcano would be mind blowing!

  • Aw, yeaaaaaah. Sharing the volcano joy! I'm sitting this one out 'cause I'm across the ocean, but this is an awesome giveaway ☺️ Good luck, everyone!

  • Been waiting for this ? Good luck everybody whoever gets it please post bomb pics.

  • That's awesome! I would absolutely love a nice desktop vape. I'm really liking the new forum too. Very clean. Good luck, everyone! ?

  • Throwing my name in here, but should I win I'll be passing it on to someone (or d/q me if easier!) Good luck all

  • Nice giveaway! Good luck everyone!

  • Good luck everyone. Love the new Forms

  • Thanks Troy and Randy! Looking forward to enjoying my classic, always the volcano I've been most interested in. Love the vintage look.

  • Would love to get my hands on a Volcano!

  • great giveaway!! stay hydrated and mindfully meditate. later!

  • Good luck to everyone! Would be pretty killer to win a Volcano Classic!

  • dang volcano is the GOAT desktop! awesome giveaway.

  • Would a loop-hole like having it delivered to a friends and arranging shipping myself count me in? If so, COUNT ME IN!!

  • oof, gold? well imma have to participate in this giveaway.

    good luck everyone!

  • Awesome thank you Troy for Hosting this forum and website..... Always great information...

  • Best of Luck to Everyone. STAY SAFE

  • Wow thats cool thnx Troy...........

  • What if I told you i took the VAWL-CAYN-OH vaporizer and DIPPED IT IN GOLD?!?!

    You wouldn't effing believe me.

    But here we are.

    Right now.


  • nice to see the shiny new website. Here's to good times to come

  • Smart move! You got me to create an account for this lol, I've been in the discord a little.

  • You guys are the best!

  • Hi everyone ...

    This a really kind thing to do.. I have long wanted a Volcano I'm paralyzed with no hard and minimal movement in my arm's. Vapor on tap sounds very easy to use.

    Good Luck and Thanks Troy!

  • Would have been a dream come true, but in the UK :-(

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