Vista Mini 2 - NEW from Xvape (portable dab rig)

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This came out today!


  • interesting lil E rig. definitely a killer price point. The wireless charging is a nice feature that hopefully we will see more of as we start getting more new vapes.

  • great video. may be what i'm looking for. have you done a video for the Core by shenzen ? how does this compare in size and performance ?

  • Thanks!

    I haven't made a video for the Core yet. The manufacturer seemed like there were potential changes happening so I was hesitant to make content. I haven't heard anything confirming changes though.

  • For the price, it seems like a great intro E-rig. I bought the puffco pen for the few dabs that I smoke and I was impressed. Definitely something I’m going to add to my collection.

  • Some feedback - Love the video sir.. you referenced this video in your volcano hybrid / 20th anniversary gold volcano classic video. It wasn’t very straightforward to find this video. Would love for your all of your video content to go into the video page.. again, wasn’t real easy to find this :) cheers!

  • Thanks! That was a bit intentional, and also a bit of slacking.

    I launched the video in the forums first. There's an article going up on the homepage, but I haven't finished it yet. I rushed through the Gold Volcano video because I promised to end the giveaway at midnight last night and I wanted to mention it in a video without pimping it.

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