What's a good starter kit for vaping CBD?

I have to admit I'm kind of a noob to the topic and I've only used an e-cigarette a couple of times in my life but I've used CBD oil for 2 years so far now.

I'm curious about vaping it because I've read the absorption is better, and so I assume the results will be even better too.

Therefore, what starter kit would you recommend to me that's actually good for vaping CBD?

Feel free to link me to the store, so I can buy it directly from there.

My budget right now is about $300 USD, so any suggestions within that range will be appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance!


  • Personally, I get the best results (by far) with vaping CBD flower instead of CBD oil.

    It's unprocessed and I believe the resulting array of cannabinoids is considerably more effective than isolated oils.

    I get CBD flower from Cascadia Blooms - code 420vapezone will save you 10%.

    I prefer to vape CBD flower with a conduction vape and my go-to has been the Xvape Aria.

  • I'd suggest that you should have a separate vape(s) for CBD use, and ideally a separate grinder. Ditto storage.

    My suggested approach is really only important if you're planning to isolate your uses (and effects) of CBD and THC. But if you're planning to mix CBD with THC flower, no need.

    The separation approach doesn't need to be massively expensive. I use my DynaVap PhantoM as my primary CBD vape and I use my Brilliant Cut Grinder for CBD (no benefit -- as far as I know -- in capturing CBD kief). I've also begun using my VLeaf Go for CBG intake.

    I'll add a +1 for Cascadia Blooms. I've done enough business with them over the past 6 months that they provided me with a "lifetime" 30 percent off discount code. Nice flower and great service.

    I've also gotten good product and service from CBD Hemp Direct, which features some nice BOGO 30-gram CBD and CBG specials. I have a pending order for 60 grams of CBG that set me back right around $50 including shipping. CBDHD's Tangie CBD is some of the best-tasting CBD I've experienced so far.

  • Hey Troy,

    I don't feel anything when combusting cbd or vaping (tried between 365 and 400 degrees in the fury edge, also use dynavap. Would you say it's worth picking up a pure conduction vape to see if that would make a difference?

    Hope the move is going well.

  • Hmmm, honestly , probably not.

    If you're not feeling CBD at 400 in the edge, even after 2 or 3 bowls, you either have some bad cbd or you're just not affected by CBD the same way others are.

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