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Hello friends,

Watched the 6/7 vape church recently and noticed that there isn't a dedicated thread for glass discussions. I'm currently in the market for a new piece, and, I just like looking at everyone's cool glass!

This is the piece I'm looking to replace. 8in bent and twisted neck with a ufo perc and 14mm joint. It got it to compliment my Omni-XL, but I almost never used it for anything except my SBrunt.

Part of me wants something similar because it was so good with the runt. Part of me wants a larger piece so I can really milk it up. I don't know!

Anyone else looking at any glass lately, or get any new piece?



  • I have a small collection of glass for my various vapes. I would say that going larger doesn't necessarily equal a better experience. Too large and hits become less flavorful as they expand and cool. Cooling is the goal of using water but if the bubbles churn and pop before they surface? Vapor is lost to Davy Jones' bong, savvy? Too high a water line or aggressive percolation system brings similar issues! Vapor is not smoke, it doesn't need to be "scrubbed."

    I own a Runt as well and resistance (the force required to suck air through) can provide subtle changes in how a vape performs relative to your water piece. Imagine adding 18 inches of tubing to your Runt or trying to suck through a coffee stirrer! This is rarely considered... A water piece that functions perfectly and feels unobtrusive often allows vapor to quickly move through it rather than be held.

    I could recommend some options but I will never recommend anything I haven't bought or tried for myself. I also only own domestically-produced glass. I can't speak to glass from India or China except a few brands but recommend saving up a bit more to get a bespoke accessory made locally.

    How much were you looking to spend and how easy do you want cleaning to be? Reclaim a goal or an annoyance?

  • Hello @Dedperx! I appreciate the insight. I too look for USA made glass as much as I can, and I've had my eye on this one for a little while.

    9in tall, 6 slit inline, 14mm joint. It should be very similar to what the previous piece was in terms of function. The artist is from TN, so not local to me, but USA.

    The artists Instagram is AshMeglass, and he does some cool inline percs with up to 80 holes. They look super smooth with little drag, I'm wondering if it might be too much diffusion.

  • i'm not into the 'dedicated thread' philosophy, so no worries on that front! Have a question, start a thread!

  • @nonamekevin That's a beaut! I think inlines are perfect for their low-resistance and really balanced percolation. You can really fine-tune the water-line for your tastes! I think you could even get away with two or three inches taller! I have a 10 in. Texas Tubes with circ perc that probably performs similarly. It works with barely a third of a cup of water, no doubt this one can be balanced with even less. I was looking to try a piece from Licit Glass out of Virgina.

  • To me, a larger glass piece isn't useful at all unless using a powerhouse vape. More "good stuff" gets held up inside the piece but a smaller water piece doesn't take much away.

  • I've been looking for glass lately and have a few criteria that I'm using. I've tried to base this on actual use.

    1. Upright, 18mm joint - Most WPAs are equipped with an 18mm adapter, which should be the most stable manner in which to have it sit upside down. Also, a plus if it's low in case I'm high and knock it over, which will happen.
    2. Relatively small chamber - Lower center of gravity, less likely to tip over. I don't see the point of huge chambers anymore, as they don't seem to bring anything to the table and are more likely to get sideways.
    3. Angled or crooked neck - I want to be able to hit the piece comfortably, so the straighter on I can hit it the better. It also, I think, makes the piece easier to carry while walking around.
    4. Low level of percolation - Percolation is the enemy of flavor. I'm looking for the simplest diffusion that I can find (two or three hole, maybe something like a showerhead) , and no more than a single perc.

    There are other factors, like aesthetics and thickness of glass, but those are individual.

  • That's a reasonable list... Except the size of the joint in smaller pieces is usually not 18mm which has probably complicated the search a bit. There are some smaller pieces in 18 out there but most dab rigs that have simple two hole diffys or basic percs are 10 or 14mm. A way to fix that without getting a huge piece or another adapter is: an ashcatcher! Look at ashcatchers sized in 18mm (if you haven't already, of course!), they usually have simpler percs, smaller sizes, and deep unobstructed joints that accommodate WPAs and Dynavaps with mouthpieces. Slap an mouthpiece on and you're good! TexasTubes on IG makes a great 18mm ashcatcher. A non-domestic piece is the Grav Phoenix Ashcatcher that is probably all over DHGate... If you go any glass route though, my advice is look for a piece you can remove the downstem from to clean if you are a heavy hitter. I have several Dewar jointed pieces that are pains to clean because there are interior spaces you can't reach. Alcohol and salt will not scrub out everything. Purr Glass out of California have a lot of experience with taking their existing designs and modifying them if you are willing to pay for a custom, smaller 18mm bubbler. So built to your spec is a possibility with the right investment.

  • The idea was to set out a few things for which I am looking, not that I need direction. I'm wondering what are the traits of such a piece of glass that will provide the best user experience for a vape? It's a tool, how can it be made best? It came up in a Zoom a few weeks ago, most of the people there had something along the lines of a D020 bubbler. Which isn't so different from the Dew Drop bubbler PIU sold recently. What's good about it for our purposes? What could be improved?

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