Milaana vs. Tetra P80

Hello everybody! Recently had my mind set on a Tetra P80 and was going to try and get one on the last drop but it was the day before my payday unfortunately. As a result VAS is hitting hard, but I recently started looking at the Milaana because I saw one for $220 on entexchange earlier. They seem to be quite similar, 18650 high power convection vapes i can take massive hits thru my bong with. I guess I'm just wondering whether I should wait for the next batch of Tetras to be out or grab a Milaana. Would anybody who has owned/used both care to share some insight? I would greatly appreciate it thanks :)



  • I always liked the Milaana, it's a vape with a lot of power and a lot of character.

    It's very much a "build a relationship with your vape" type of vape

    It could probably hit as hard as the Tetra P80, but it is going to require you to "work the vape" in the right way. The Milaana is unregulated and you ONLY have a "go button". You have to pre-heat the heater and slow draw to preheat the bowl if you want real vapor. You also have to pulse the button, otherwise you'll drain your battery and/or damage the vape...

    The Tetra P80 is easier and quicker to the vapor with less "learning to ride a unicycle" elements. It can, and will, hit harder than the Milaana. The Tetra delivers more consistent usage and is easier to use due to its flexible software.

    Both vapes are easy to maintain

  • Appreciate the feedback Troy! Been itching for a Tetra and the last preorder was the day before payday :(. Got a stickybrick and an Eleaf GO coming this week to hold me over until Lamart says he is taking orders again!

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