Xmax Starry V3

Hey guys, so I just recieved my Xmax Starry V3 yesterday. I was super impatient because the mail was a few hours later than usual, so when I opened it I immediately started doing burn offs. While i was doing the burn offs I was reading the manual and it recommended to charge the unit for AT LEAST 6 HOURS BEFORE USE to prevent damage to the battery and for the longevity of the battery. I ignored that though and continued to do the burn offs from a half full battery until it had about 10% battery life then I put it to charge for 1 hour until it hit about 50% again. I got 4, 5 minute sessions out of 40% of the battery until it reached 10%. Then, I charged it up again until it was full, it took between 90-120 minutes like expected. So far i've done 5,5 minute sessions and the battery is about 30%. Seems to me like I might only get 40-50 minutes of battery life as opposed to 60-80 minutes. Is it possible the performance of the battery suffered due to not fully charging the device before use? I'm running temps mostly around 375-430 temp stepping, rarely I run temps at 335-370 because the vapor isn't as present as i'd like. So I am realistically expecting 60 minutes of battery life rather than 80 minutes. The starry also gets hot, almost unbearably hot only after a 5 minute sesh if I run it at 380 and up. The part that gets the hottest is the magnetic top it gets hot like a seat belt in the summer sun. The mouthpiece gets hot enough for me to just not want to hit it or to almost always use the wpa for it as a mp which actually works nicely. Is there a preferred packing method? I've been packing mine with .25-.3 g of herb and finding thats how I get dense-ish clouds after trying it with just a .15 and getting very minimal vapor. I'm using the Santa Cruz Shredder made of hemp and the trees grinder from piu so if you're familiar with those grinders you can get an idea of how my herb is grinded. I am satisfied with the even heating of my herbs and the highs I can achieve from this device, even though i'm not getting as much vapor as I get from other vapes I own. I'm just hoping for a little more vapor production and wonder if there's anything I can do to make that better and if you guys have some insight on how hot the device gets or on the batteries.



  • Experiment more with less weed and different styles of hitting it.

    when i pack .15-.2 and just smoosh it into the bowl with my finger, I get great hits without the device or mouthpiece getting overwhelmingly hot.

    Sometimes the device benefits greatly from letting it warm up an extra 10 seconds

  • I will definitely try this later tonight. I appreciate the help Troy.

  • Flip.....a good friend got 6 of these to help out some other friends. 2 of them had bad batteries from the start, and they are not the best cell you could put in there. I suggest some Sony/Murata VTC5 or VTC6's, LG H2's, and Samsung 30Q's would work well as they have 3000mah.

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