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I figured with so many people using the internet as a place to bitch and spread negativity, that it would be nice to start a thread to spread positivity. Lets use this space to share stories that put a giant smile on your faces...

I'll kick it off by saying I absolutely love the new Haiku thread that @coffeeplz got started. It should be good for a ton of laughs.




  • Some good news from my little corner of the world - decriminalization in Virginia takes effect on July 1st. I know it's still not legalization, but if you'd asked me 3 or 4 years ago, I'd tell you VA will decriminalize when the feds de-schedule, and not a second before. Nice to know the most I'll have to face is a $25 fine for my medicine (up to 1 oz), and not a mandatory minimum stay behind bars.

  • This song, and video, always makes me smile

  • After 25 hours of service outage, I once again have the Interwebz, which IMO is pretty swell.

  • I got my variable power supply in today. the g43 hooked up to that has had a huge smile plastered on my face all day. It's such a beast.

  • things that made me happy recently, in no particular order:

    • the number of new people that have joined us recently here at the forums. welcome!
    • a zoom sesh full of people whose company i enjoy after having a stressful day :)
    • all the haiku's that have been added to the haiku thread... i love them all!


  • @Cannabliss420 There are a few that will work. I got a small 3-24 volt 1.5 amp power supply to use with my wood scents and that works, I also have a bigger 1- 30 v 10 amp power supply that works really well too.

  • The mobile site matches the desktop now. Woot woot!

  • Agreed. And more good news >> VA's limited medical program starts July 1 (Virginia patients with any condition will be able to receive recommendations to use and purchase cannabis preparations with no more than 10 milligrams of THC per dose. But flower is not allowed.) Register here.

    I used to joke that it would be us (VA), Alabama and Utah that would be last with legalization. I mean even UTAH has medical!

    Hopefully full legalization in our Commonwealth is not far behind ... tho a couple of bills to do that were pushed to 2021.

  • I love seeing how quickly people are joining up on the forum. I've been missing having a place to go and chat about my favorite subjects with the community. Thanks to all of you who are participating, this is very quickly turning into a great place to hang out!

  • Agreed! Love seeing all the new faces and new posts!

  • I recently stopped using social media and it’s been one of the best choices I’ve ever made. Facebook, Instagram, discord, Twitter; all gone. No more feeling like shit comparing myself to someone else or being envious and not appreciative of what I have for myself. I also took some trash out and settled on the fact that friends aren’t always forever, some are just for the moment, and some are just lessons that got to be learned. I’ll stick to vaping, writing, and hell maybe even do YouTube videos on my thoughts and how I process things. The point of life is to grow and evolve. Not everything has to be a dick measuring contest.

  • "The point of life is to grow and evolve. Not everything has to be a dick measuring contest."

    Soooooo True!!!

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