Concentrate pad for the Dynavap!

I recently discovered a nice way to avoid getting a dynacoil... and get better results!

Take any metal concentrate pad and "unwind" it to make a smaller section to shape into a pad that is easy to fit the tip.

In this case I used about 60% of a S&B dosing capsule pad. (The 2 left over ones you see are shorter than the piece in the tip but will still work with a lessor amount and still be better than the dynacoil I think) . I make so there is about 2-3mm of space above the pad to the tip end. This will help keep the cap from being a cleaning issue. I can use about 4-6 times before I clean off the pad, and switch out with another that is waiting in rotation with several other pads.

This setup will hold the trates much longer and you can use a bit bigger load if you want. I heat up without anything in it, pull the cap off with a finger protector and load when warm. Most of it might not melt in much as you get it on the warmed up pad, but as long as you keep the trates from being over the tip end all is good!

I use the Pipes Skeletor IH and hold it upside down over the vapcap. If you use with tip down in the IH, you will most likely have the oil seep into the top of the keep that in mind. I can pull directly off the vapcap this way with concentrates, but not with flower. For this I am super happy to use my trates in more stealth situations and such.....or late night in bed for quick medication when I have issues sleeping.

Forming the birds next of SS wire is pretty easy to do actually, just get a regular pliers and a needle nose one to pinch the pad into a rectangle column. Then just start to compress it vertically and get it to be as dense as you can and still fit in the tip. Then press it in with a tool and get it to just fill up the tip maybe 50-75% of the chamber so it has that little bit of space at the top. Removing the pad will require removing the tip from the stem if you want to keep it in good shape.

Hope this helps some of you that did not want to try a dynacoil, or those that were not impressed with one. I always held off because it just did not seem to be that good of a design and you have to use a pretty small amount. Not that it is a bad thing for some, but for most they will want a more robust load to hit on.




  • this is great

    do you like it better than the dynacoil?

  • After a few days of using like mistake I made was to load stuff around the top edge of the tip. I was basically scraping off the left overs from my dabbing tool on the top edge.

    If any material is on the inner wall of the tip, it will just melt through and drip into the stem.

    So when you load material, apply only on the pad for best results! 👌

  • I have found using the BB9 glass body that I can see any oil seeping below the tip into the stem because I kept hitting it with the tip high above the mp so i would not get stuff in the cap. But this is not needed...I found the first hit works well when you put the IH on top of the dynavap so the oil does not get into the cap. Take only the first draw holding the tip high over the mouthpiece so the oil has seeped into the pad fully.....and then it is not a problem to do the following draws pointing the dynavap down into the IH and then drawing normally with the vapcap horizontal or slightly aimed downward.

    After I do a few more draws.....I heat it up a few seconds longer past the click to do mouth pulls and get some of the spent oil out. With this technique, I can use many times over before I clean out the tip/pad or stem.

    You are right about the heating longer, but I use Ti tips and do not have that issue of "cooking" the oil as the Ti cools off pretty fast just by drawing past the cool off clicks. So maybe using a SS tip is not as good? But remember, you can always reload and get more for taste....though it's nice to do it all in one load....I enjoy 4 good hits at a time with a clean up hit if possible.

    I do not use any screens or CCD's with pad as I made it as large/deep as possible. The CCD might help to keep some of the oil seeping into the stem possibly. I try not to let any of the trates get applied on the inner wall of the tip....just on the pad closest to center as possible. If you get some on the wall of the tip, it will run down the outside of the pad and leak into the stem normally.

    I am glad I did not get a terp pen actually......I think I would waste more material than using a small amount in my vapcap or just use a bit more and do it in my 710 enail. Yea you do loose the taste fairly quickly....because you are not using glass lol. Cooking the oil in a Ti or SS oven upon a SS not going to give you continued taste through the extraction.

    I'm starting to think I need no other concentrate vapes now besides the dynavap and enail.... because I can be satisfied with using the dynavap when I am away from home.

  • Wow, how much concentrates can you go through before needing a deeper clean?

    My biggest issue with Dynacoil was the need for deeper cleaning after <.5g

  • Yes that can be an issue with this pad too....if you put in too much or what you put in also can cause cleaning faster.

    I have been using mainly solventless live resin of high clean up does not happen as fast. If I use my own presses flower would be a mess much quicker.

    But that said, I am impressed how long I can go without cleaning. And when it is cleaning time, it is pretty simple and I have a few pads now to switch out.

  • I also think the inability for the dynacoil to extract the oil before it falls off the coil is it's biggest problem. The metal pads hold the oils much longer and gives it time to extract further before it collects or pools in the lower part of the cap or down into the stem.

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