Best websites to buy dank CBD concentrates from?

Was watching the recent troy & jerry enail comparison video & the way jerry was talking about some CBD he was about to dab made it sound bomb as hell & made me really really wanna try some lol. It also made me realize that I don’t know a single website that sells really high quality CBD wax or maybe live resin/rosin if people are even making that level of concentrates out of hemp. If you guys could tell me your recommendations & especially personal favorites that would be fuckin fantastic thank you!



  • I haven't found anything reliable in both taste and effects, but I've been pushing my favorite CBD flower producers to get their asses in gear

    i get better results vaping CBD flower anyway, but I love dabs.

    Flower from Cascadia Blooms will squish and produce rosin, especially if you increase RH to 69%. Use code 420vapezone to save 15% at Cascadia CBD hemp.

    If you want BETTER hemp flower, hit up Bakers Ranch Botanicals - their cbd flower is better and will squish better too, but it's also more expensive. Code vapezone10 will save 10% at

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