Puffco Peak vs. Everyone Else


Although this is my first time writing, I have been watching your videos for a long time now. Between you and Sneaky Pete, I am happy to say that I only vaporize these days, and I'm loving it.

In the last few months, I have gotten more and more into dabbing. I do not like the e-nail setup for a number of reasons. Aside from just not having the space to have something that hot exposed, I also have young children, and I cannot leave anything out for a prolonged period of time. This is why I unfortunately very rarely bust out the Volcano, which was the first vape I ever purchased.

Recently I purchased the Puffco Peak and the Puffco Plus. Both are very different devices. I'm frustrated by the Plus because the dab tool that Puffco (and everyone else for that matter) raves about, in my opinion, is flawed. There is a groove in the tool on the underside that material sticks to and often does not melt off from. I feel like if that tool did not have that groove, it would be a lot closer to perfect.

Regardless, I like both Puffco products, but am not thrilled with the fact that both use atomizers that can easily break, and are both come at a considerable cost. To spend $60 on an atomizer replacement for the Peak, which was $300 when I bought it, is a lot of money, and the atomizer for the Plus is 25% of the cost of the entire device.

I have recently been fascinated by some other devices. I watched you get seriously messed up using the Rio by Stache, and I have also been looking at the Dr. Dabber Switch, which Cream City had discounted for 7/10. Then there's the Focus V Carta, Vista Mini 2, Sai, and the list goes on and on.

My question: is there any reason to go beyond the Peak and consider other devices if I am not going to consider purchasing a dedicated e-nail and a big hunk of glass that I have nowhere to store? The Stache is definitely compact, but it is that much better than the Peak?

I should also say that I have a Firefly 2+ which is great for dry herb (one of my favorites) and good for low-temp dabs. I also have the Mighty, but I generally stick only to dry herb with that because I don't want the hassle of the cleanup. I have the Terp Pen which is good for its portability but not for flavor. So I've been asking myself whether to spend the money on the Dr. Dabber Switch (would only use for concentrates), which is expensive and looks very large, but it doesn't seem like it has atomizer problems, and the self-cleaning mode, in theory, makes it a lot easier to use than the Peak. The Stache is nice and small, but there's some cleaning duties there. No atomizer to break, but if the torch goes bad it's a quick $50 and you have to find it in stock somewhere.

Looking for your guidance. Stay with what I have, or look for something that can take me to the next level without a ton of parts that break or have a shelf-life. I've seen your videos on both the Stache and Switch, but I wasn't left with a feeling that either was that much better than the Peak (particularly with the Switch, which would be the most expensive investment I've made since buying the Volcano 8 years ago).

Thanks in advance for the advice, and thanks again for putting together great videos, tutorials and links to the products you use and love.



  • Hi, thanks for watching and extra thanks for the detailed comment/question!

    Tough call between the Dr Dabber Switch and the Rio - i would ignore the rest based on your current devices and preferences.

    To me the differences really come down to the experience. The RIO gets my pick because it's the most capable and most agile. It can hit the hardest, while also being the quickest and best tasting.

    The maintenance is actually about the same in the long run once you outgrow the ceramic lined inserts. The flavor difference between OEM ceramic cups (self clean capable) and the upgraded inserts (not self clean capable) are worth the cost AND the loss of self-clean.

  • Troy,

    Thank you for the response. I am about to order the Rio Stache from CreamCityVapes. I hope the link worked to credit you with the sale. I think that $379 for the Dr. Dabber is a bit high considering that the upgraded inserts for the Switch not only cost money, but also take the self-cleaning capability out of the picture. The Switch also looks huge and has a lot of buttons. Although I like the technology on some of these devices, simplicity also has it's place as well. I look forward to more of your videos and I'm going to post to your forum where you request input on reviews and/or comparisons. I think a lot of devices don't get as much mention and aren't as well known, but are still awesome devices (I love my Firefly 2+ for dry herb and low temperature dabbing).

  • If you clicked one of my new cream city links, like from the puffco insert content, it should give me credit - thank you so much!

    I love my RIO

  • I bought my RiO right before the upgrade came out and it’s my daily driver for concentrates. I hope you enjoy your purchase, I know I couldn’t be happier with mine.

  • I'm excited. I was able to get it for $200 from CreamCityVapes; they are still accepting the 7/10 20% off coupon on all of their vapes (as of yesterday), although they note that there is a 2-week delay on shipping of the device. I'll wait a couple of weeks to save $50. I'll report back once I can compare to the Puffco Peak. I will say, however, that for low-temperature dabs and great tasting herb vape hits, I am still a loyal fan of the Firefly 2+. I would love to see firefly come out with a more user-friendly "on-the-go" bowl system, but for pure flavor, it is an excellent vape. It's hard to compare a device like the Firefly 2+ to the Mighty, however, because the Mighty is much harder-hitter, but the flavor of the herb, in my experience, is much nicer with the Firefly 2+. I think Firefly takes a lot of crap because it can be finicky and has a learning curve, but it is still one of my favorite personal use vapes.

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