Crafty+, dirty ass bowl

Hi all, I have a question regarding the cleaning and usage of Crafty+. I bought my Crafty+ back on 4/20 sale on Storz&Bickel site and been using it every day ever since and cleaning it every other week (disassemble and put to ISO for 30 minutes).

My friend has one as well, bought from Vapefully for 3/4 of the price, they had some sale or smth. He's using it basically the same way as I do. Capsules only and cleaning regularly. Still look at mine bowl and his bowl:

If I get an ISO cleaning wipe and I rub really hard, my bowl is still the same, still dark brown.

How is it possible, that mine is soo much fuckin' dirtier and there's no way of cleaning it?

I saw many videos of people cleaning their Craftys and Mightys and all of them are not using the dosing capsules, all of them just slightly wipes the bowl and it's silver shining.

False advertising? Am I doing something really bad? I'm confused.


  • You're not doing anything wrong. Those stains are extremely tough to get out.

    Instead of ISO, try a product called Dark Crystal. It's non-toxic and it works magic on the Mighty bowl.

    It's actually made for glass and quartz, but WOWWW does it work on vape bowls too (and dynavap tips)

    I'm making a video about it very soon.

    Heat up your bowl (vape a bowl)

    Dip q-tips in dark crystal and apply to bowl. After a minute-ish, and a few wipes, the bowl will start to wipe clean.

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