Suggestions for next vape: cool and fast

I'm curious what folks would recommend for a next vape for me. I've been vaping a couple of years and went VapCap to Splinter v2 to Z and then to a Ghost MV1. I like a strong, free flowing but cool hit. The MV1 does the best job of this right now but it is a fiddly and sometimes annoying device. I thought I would use the MV1 as a true on demand with a gap between hits but in practice I really use it more like a session device, finishing the crucible in a few minutes. Left over crucibles usually aren't worth the bother.

I vape alone and use one or two MV1 crucibles, or Splinter\VapCap bowls an evening (so not much past the microdose level). Mostly use in the garage (to keep odor out of the house) standing or sitting in a plastic chair, no table. Desktops and big glass are not suitable for this scenario.

I can't decide if I would like a Mighty\Crafty, it might be too slow, too hot, too inefficient with small quantities. The TinyMight looks interesting but not sure I trust its reliability and the whole 2 months to ship from Finland thing. A Fury Edge is affordable but I wonder if it would drive me crazy with being too tight of a draw and too slow.

Any thoughts or recommendations for me?


  • Hey @badbee, it really seems that you want a Sticky Brick.

    They hit hard as a MF and the extraction is basically instant. If you don't know which one, go for Sticky Brick Jr. Small, portable and the size has no effect on the potency.

    I'm curious what rest of the guys recommend. Anyways this is my 2 cents.

    Vape On

  • Thanks @kebcatmorgan , I hadn't really considered a Sticky Brick because I assumed they would hit really hot. Also doesn't seem ideal for use while standing. How do you find it for heat? I'm not really comfortable with the idea of inhaling whatever contaminants and incomplete combustion products are left in the torch off gas so probably won't go this direction.

  • The sticky brick is a solid vape. you can control temps somewhat with technique as well. If cooler hits are what your after the hydro brick through water is a beast, or the jr and runt have a mini bubbler that you can get for a smaller unit. To the best of my understanding good butane turns into basically water vapor when used through a torch, so I don't worry about it too much, but I'm certainly not a doctor. I will say however, that I never taste the butane in my bricks.

    My personal favorite battery powered portable is my Tubo Evic, but soon I will have a P80, so that may change. The evic works great in Sesh or on demand mode, performs well at a wide range of temps, and the all glass vapor path means you get some super tasty rips.

  • I'm waiting on a update on the Mighty design. Hopefully sometime this year. In the meantime the new crafty has been tempting. I expect they'll do something by Black Friday at the latest, I guess we'll see.

  • Thanks @Southie, I think I have the Tubo and P80 style covered by the Splinter Z. Not exactly the same, but similar from what I read.

  • Thanks, yeah maybe I need a Mighty +. I'll just have to scale up to macro dosing :).

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