Still promoting Kandy Pens

Hey Troy,

Not sure why you are still promoting kandy pens on your site. I warned you before on the vapelife forums they had multiple security breaches and you played it off like we should be "looking at the tech".

Here is the quote you said:

" 420vapezone 355

I've had a lot of private comments about Kandypens reputation and how the Oura simply CANNOT be good due to Kandypens past. Shitty reputation is a great reason to be extra skeptical, but I also think these brands are more than capable of fixing their problems and doing a better job. Sometimes the enthusiast community puts more energy into holding onto reputations than objectively analyzing products and situations. It's not a good human quality."

Not long after my warning it all came out;

This wasn't the first time, I knew of credit cards being stolen by KP the year before the dates listed here, which covers almost A YEAR of stolen credit cards.

I will kindly suggest again, to stop promoting kandy pens as it will come back to bite you in the ass like it did Bud. I can provide more proof if needed but I'm getting tired of talking about this company in particular.


  • I appreciate your concern man!

    I'll ask around and see if anyone who purchased have had issues.

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