What's Your Current Favorite Setup?

Hi All!

I've been vaping daily for a few years now (after a long break), and like many of you I suffer from occasional moderate-to-severe VAS. But I never really use more than one vape 95% of the time, and that one changes a couple times a year. New vapes come in, old vapes get shelved, then re-enter the rotation, sometimes modded or with new accessories.

My current daily workhorse is the Mighty with a Delta3d adapter on a TAG bubbler, with my Dynavap DDave waterwands still getting used several times a week.

As I consider vapes a hobby, I'm always looking for new ideas, and would love to know what all of you are currently rocking with!


  • I tend to rotate through my collection fairly regularly to keep things fresh. But currently my 710 coils banger setup is reaching the reach test, as well as the Weedeater, Tubo Evic, and one of the Sticky Bricks

  • @Southie Sweet! Those Disorderly Conduction setups look great, I only wish concentrates were easier to access in my neck of the woods.

  • @Gordo It really is a nice set up, but I get it... I only recently found a local concentrate plug myself

  • Very similarly, I too use mostly 1-2 vapes 95% of the time and the 2 vapes change.

    Nowadays it's Crafty+ (absolutely loving it) and always one Dynavap (Nonavong microdosed right now). Sometimes during weekends I take out my desktops, I only have 2, so both of them (E-Nano, G43).

    And as a cherry on top, Brilliant Cut Grinder as the best of the best (Gold-Onyx).

  • It depends on where I am and how fast I need to get a buzz, but I stick to the stempod for OTG and either theEnano or sticky brick runt at home. I just bought a tinymight tho so I'm sure that will be my next ADV.

  • @kebcatmorgan That sounds like an excellent setup! Switching back and forth between the Mighty and the Dynavaps has been keeping me happy for the last few months, but the E-Nano has been calling my name. I've never owned a log vape, and I've heard nothing but good things, and at a good price-point. Also, I'm super jealous of your G43! I really hope Bud revives it.

    @JTMUNN Killer kit! Let us know how the Tinymight fits into your routine after you've had a chance to stretch it's legs!

  • @Gordo I've been lucky enough to be in the very first G43 batch. Currently I'm in the 5th batalion and as I understood from Bud, I should be getting the notification for my sled G43 in the upcoming weeks/months. Then I can do the doubleG 😁

  • I bet those of us who are lucky enough to have more than one vape will go through phases of favourites or have different vapes for different scenarios (different excuses to buy more stuff).

    If I'm knocking about at home it'll be an Eds TNT Woodscents with a Simrell Vortex or a shorty Simrell Vortex and an Apollo 2 Induction Heater, but if I'm going for an old fashioned big rip I'll get out a Sticky Brick - more than likely the OG because it feels like I'm wheeling out one of the big guns.

    If I'm knocking about at home with others it's the Volcano Classic or Plenty (probably the Volcano) and for out and about and keeping things stealthy I'll carry a Fury Edge because it's a bit more discrete than a Vapcap.

    The thing I've found with the recent arrival of the Woodscents is that even after all these years of vaping, I didn't realise that a log vape was what I was after all along. The IH/Vapcap combination's nearly a similar experience but I definitely prefer to use the Woodscents for longer Netflix etc./game sessions

  • I'm the same as you @Gordo, I tend to mainly use one at a time. Each vaporizer I've gotten has been more fun to smoke than the last one.

    My current guy is the Sticky Brick Runt. It makes my Dynavap M feel like a toy, and I'm only busting out my volcano now to share with my flatmates (surprisingly COVID friendly, with changeable mouthpieces). The Sticky Brick has totally blown my mind, it's shown me that you can get super super high smoking vaporizers. Much more intense than smoking the same amount in the volcano. 69 stars.

  • SSV43 has been vaporizing the most herb for the last month.

    Mighty and Tera fighting for 2nd place.

  • @kebcatmorgan Wow, I'd thought the G43 was completely discontinued, never even heard of the SledGhammer version until you mentioned it.

    @nekkern You've got my VAS going into overdrive for a log! And some of those Woodscents logs are like works of art. I love that everyone says they blast clouds on a pinch of herb (always looking for ways to stretch the stash 😁)

    @emilythemartian Yeah, when I pick up a vape I haven't touched in a while I'll usually have a moment of "Why did I ever put your down?!" But, it's like Highlander, there can be only one lol. I've got the Hyrdobrick Maxx, but it's been out of my rotation for about a year. I really should get it out of my closet for some exercise. To my eye, the Runt is the most aesthetically pleasing vape in the Sticky Brick line-up. I know the Junior is very popular, but for whatever reason I just never liked the way it looked.

    @Troy I saw your video explaining that SSV set up, and it's really cool to see how much harder it goes! And I love my Mighty, but I've been seriously thinking of getting a Tera (checked the puffitup code you put up for the 420 sales list last night and it was still working.) I've broken 3 mighty cooling units in the last 2 years, and lately have been running it exclusively through water. And I've seen a few people on Vaporents say they actually prefer the Tera on a bong to the Mighty on a bong. I dig the vapor quality a hybrid oven gives, but I don't hit the mighty quite as fast as some, and not having my herb cooked between hits would be nice. And the Tera's 428 max temp versus the Mighty's 410 (415 really) is a definite feather in Boundless' cap.

  • Mainly fury edge and dynavap 2019 m titanium bowl. When relaxed i'll use my G43 with empty rig (like Bud used to do)

  • I'm stuck in bed basically six out of seven days. I have a hybrid volcano set up next to the bed with a Sneaky Pete mega globe Inc. with the whip. It's pretty much by daily go to now.

  • Elev8r filled with glass beads and a 16mm enail coil stretched to fit around it. Hits as hard as my SSV43 and operates a lot like a Flowerpot, without having to buy a Flowerpot.

  • Mighty with a water pipe adapter or my modified shadow m when I run out of battery. those are my two go to vapes with the occasional dab on the peak.😎🥳😙💨

  • Dynavap through a wetwinder/mega globe combo. I admit, I think I just like watching the vapor travel through the spiral when I’m baked 😝

  • My Favorite Setup at the moment is my Rio and The Flip Brick They work very well.

    I Thank you Troy, from watching your videos and Listening to what everyone likes and dislikes😁

  • I try to rotate too. The mighty with a small bubbler I got from DDave has been my goto. However, I also recently brought my Splinter back into rotation and I also use he water wands from time to time. I was in love with my SBJ again by using it through water but then I went to use my shirt to spin the intake around to close it while hot and the lining of my shirt melted to the glass. I need to order a new one.

    I just won the Volcano contest on here so I’ll be working that one into the rotation soon. Super stoked!

  • @charmcityvapeguy did you try torching said intake until the material burns away?

  • I did try it but it seemed to just bake it on there. I’m not giving up but it looks pretty bleak. I was thinking of taking some fine grit sandpaper to it.

  • Sticky Brick Runt during the day, Herborizer Ti in the evening 😎

  • Sticky Brick Runt w/Bubbler running dry & any rotation of my DynaVaps.

  • Switching up between my DDave WaterWand V2 through my little banger hanger and my Mighty through a DabCap WPA.

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