Show and Tell (Flower Edition)

Good evening folks! I thought we should have a thread focused on all that sticky icky goodness (or bunk, I dont judge, much) for us to drool over and compare across this community! Lets see those frosty beauties!

Here is my first contribution of what will be many. This is Citizen Stash Mac 1 3.5g. Coming in at 26.1%, this indica packs a Mac truck sized wallop. High in limonene, caryophyllene and linalool, this bud starts off citrusy and moves into a smooth, heavy finish. At $60, this is currently the cream of the Canadian crop, and the current benchmark I am comparing the rest to.

What are you vaping on?



  • Whoa that looks super fuzzy wuzzy!!!

    Do you have a usb microscope yet?

  • Still awaiting a USB microscope. Its in my cart for my next amazon pickup!

  • Some Heaven's Devil I got a few weeks back. Exceptionally kiefy!

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