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Rather than posting a new thread to introduce yourselves and say hi, lets use this thread and just pig-pile all of our introductions here.

I'll start, my name is Troy and I like vapes. I started making vape content as a hobby, but my passion quickly took over and it's now my full-time job. I'm here because of this community and I will happily dedicate my time and effort for this opportunity.



  • Hi guys Im Jorge, I am from south America! I started vaping about 2 Years ago now with a CFV from boundless, and then i discovered troy about the same time and got a mighty and this year i got a volcano hybrid, I actually became a regular flower user about the same time, before that it was just maybe once a year on a holliday with friends. I actually became a regular user because i have extensive terrible headaches, migranes since i was 15 and i was taking Daily medicine for that, But my best friend was experimenting with cannabis (recreational) and i decided to try, i started to notice that I would not need medicine as much, my dad has chronic pain as Wells and ive been trying yo get him to try vaping and actually has gotten US closer. Dont get my wrong i like the fun part but to me this has help me so much!!! Anyways sorry for the long intro! Hope i can help somehow!!

  • Hello, I'm cooper from Australia. I have recently purchased a volcano hybrid which I am in love with. I came by to thank Troy for his volcano review video and see if I can find some interesting workflows for my new toy.

    Thanks everyone.

  • Hello,

    I'm Gup.

    I'm new to vaping but have rapidly fallen in love with it. I've long used cannabis recreationally but only since vaping have I noted much in the way of benefit past the "fun bit". I find it very useful in alleviation of depression symptoms that have plagued me for just about forever.

    Started out with a Pax 3, which I initially assumed to not be very good but after a period of adjustment and learning how to pack it properly, I now like very much. I also added a Dynavap M which helped me kick the smoking monkey off my back and a Sticky Brick OG which is just a piece of art and a herby slap in the face.

    Now seems I have a vape collecting bug and have myself on the waiting list for a Nomad II. Joined up here for chatter with like minded folks.


  • i want to thank Troy for this this website, his reviews and this new forum. In my opinion, no other site comes close to this. I have learned so much from listening listening to his videos. And I expect many ideas will bubble up thru this forum.

    This is not just another cannabis site on the web, it’s a RESOURCE. Thanks, Troy. I feel like I know you.

  • I get the "I feel like I know you" thing a lot!

    It's neat!

    Welcome everyone!

  • Hey Troy, hey everyone,

    I'm J, I've been a recreational user on and off and have loved it. The past year I have been using medically and it has seriously changed my life. I have been introduced to vaporizers and concentrates... which have blown my mind! I look forward to many more vids and becoming part of the community and industry. I also feel like I know you Troy!

  • Salutations Troy and the 420VP Universe!

    My name is Bill. 40 years old from Chicagoland (easier than explaining what suburb I live in). I'm a writer, podcaster, musician, and general creative type. Like many creative types, I'm drawn to our favorite plants for their ability to quiet anxiety.

    I'm new to vaping. Troy the Vape Zone have been an irreplaceable resource for both information and entertainment.

    Looking forward to being part of this excellent community.

  • Greetings all from the great state of sunny and unbelievably hot AZ!!! 35+ days over 110 degrees and counting... and it's only August 16th. Any who... I have been chasing the VAS for less than a year on a budget, but I do enjoy my DynaVap 19M and just love my StickBrick Runt .

    I'd fallen down the rabbit hole of Opiates for over 15 years following doctors recommendations that it was that or another surgery. finally said enough was enough and quit taking all that crap that was tearing up my insides and went a more natural route... now if I could only find a strain that dispensaries he re in AZ kept on their shelves in flower form for more than a few months.

    Enough of my Tirade... Enjoy your Video's and this forum has been a lifesaver!



  • Awesome! Welcome everyone!

    @FollowMyHead i am also from chicagoland (small town actually, but always told everyone I'm from chicago because it's easier than explaining)

  • @Troy

    Yeah, man. I'm in Mundelein, so I just tell people "northern Illinois, 50 minutes northwest of Chicago". Seems to shut them up.

  • Hi everyone!

    Names Ryan and I started vaping back in February, a friend of mine had showed me his volcano and I wanted to look into vaping since most of my friends use dab pens and things like that. I was lucky enough to stumble on Troy's channel on youtube and watching his videos convinced me to get myself a Mighty and its easily been one of my best purchases ever.

    Super thankful for all the useful info from Troy and everyone else on these forums (and others) and look forward to learning so much more and being apart of the community!

  • Hey all, Greg here.

    Back in the 60s and 70s I never heard any medical qualities associated with cannabis when I was indulging as a pre and young teen. This is not to surprising for back then who cared about the medical aspects of cannabis... I didn’t! I was looking to get stoned! I smoked cannabis on and off through the 60 and 70s but moved on to bigger and better stuff or so I thought... Moving onto 2016 I’m now in pain. I haven’t smoked weed in decades and what is vaping? I do not to use hard drugs any longer for I’ve had issues with drug addictions of many types. And I’ve seen my relatives health get worse with using opioids some even overdosing and succumbing to opioids.

    So in 2016 l’m a leery of all the medical claims I’ve heard about cannabis—I had never believed that marijuana can help with many ills. When legalization came to Colorado, where I now live, I remember telling myself, shit those idiots just want to get stoned!

    Four years into my own bodily experience and experimentation I now believe in the medical claims of cannabis. Not all claims I believe mind you. But over time I’ve come to think cannabis is going to be very important medical aspect in humans lives. If it isn’t already. Over the last four years I’ve learned and started vaping, use CBD oil and now make my own CBD oil by infusing olive oil. And most recently I’ve started pressing my bud for homemade concentrates. To my way of thinking I’ve fallen for cannabis in a big way even to the point of considering to start my own little grow operation for my organic personal stash. Oh and getting stoned is just one of the many benefit of cannabis which I very much enjoy.l

  • Greg here again,

    Btw I got so caught up in my history/story that I forgot to mention that Troy’s site has been an invaluable resource for my journey over the last 4 years. Keep up the great work you are doing here!

  • Hey all. Noa here, from Maui, currently in New York. Good to be part of the fam ?

  • Aloha!

  • Hi guys, I haven't been around lately but I used to frequent the discord and the zoom meetings. I love my dynavap and I'm vaping on my Fury Edge thanks to Troy's review. I am glad to be back around and I'm looking forward to hanging out with you guys.

  • Hey now. Been vaping for about 5 years. My journey started with the Pax 2, then the Hydrology from Cloudious9 (would not buy again), then the EQ, then the POTV ONE, a mighty and a dynavap. I just ordered a runt and I think I am goood. Gave away the Hydrology, sold the EQ, and now keep the ONE if we are out and about, use the Mighty as the daily driver, and play around with the Dynavap when the gal goes to bed. Fully expect that the Runt is going to occupy more time than they Dyna does when it comes.

  • I recently got a construction job and picked up another cable installation job part time but it’s considered a governmental position (DOT in particular). I came across your video on YouTube about the Cascadia Blooms CBD flower. I really want to know what your advice is to me or your thoughts on my situation. Since I’ll be getting drug tested randomly, do you honestly feel like this would be safe for me for not pissing hot? Thanks man I really appreciate what you’re doing. By the way I’m 28 and live in Denver . And just to add, I’ve served in the military for 9 years and couldn’t partake due to military law. I’ve been diagnosed with stress, anxiety, mild depression, back problems due to deployment etc....and wanted to know if it would be safe for a DOT drug test at random. Thanks again my man. Love the content ❤️

  • Cascadia Blooms and Bakers Ranch!!!

  • You will come up positive imho if you consume CBD. I would not do it.

  • If you use CBD, even the acceptable low levels of THC in the CBD can trigger a positive result if they're using low tolerance urine (not very common in job test screenings, more common in probation related testing) or hair follicle test.

  • Hello.

    Kinda new here. I love vaping since it changed my life when I bought my Da Buddha 6 years ago and it's been a fun topic of interest for me since then.

    Unfortunately I live in Australia where weed is illegal and still stigmatized so it's not something I can freely discuss with the people around me especially considering professional environment I'm in. I absolutely hate that it could cost me my career and that you can get a criminal record in Australia from driving when you're not even under the influence of cannabis because of how our road drug testing works.

    Honestly, it really sucks but I'm glad I have you folks here or on other forums to talk to about these sort of things.

  • Hello,

    My name is clay and I found troy and his content on youtube! the content that I've seen has really started me thinking about getting into Vaping and stop smoking! There are so many vapes that I truly want/desire I don't know where to start haha! But I can't wait to participate in this community! Hope y'all have a great day!

  • Hello I'm Nate from Illinois and I'm new to all this stuff but have an affinity to research every hobby to the end of the universe and back. Illinois became a legal state this year and that's also when I started using for the first time as a 40 year old. I bought a Pax 3 before doing much research but that is how I found Troy's channel on Youtube and have been really enjoying the content immensely (my bank account however is very unhappy haha)

    So I now own 10 or so vapes trying to find exactly what I like. So far the Volcano Hybrid has been the go to. I thought I'd hate the bags but it's been fantastic.

  • Hello 👋 everyone, been following Troy’s YouTube channel for about a year or so now and finally decided to join the forum lol. So far my collection includes 2 Dynavaps, a Dr. dabber switch, airizer solo 2 and a Sticky brick Hydrobrick. More to come soon..... 😈😈😈

  • Greetings All. I have a way of knowing you all are family here. ;-) Surprised it took me so long to find you but I always kept this aspect to myself as many around me believe in the “stigma” involved with the sacrament. Nonya biz was the routine. Grew up in a college town that is to this day stuck in 1969. First blessing from the goddess was at fourteen, and been entranced ever since. A combination of medicine and Fun that amazes me gets such a bad rap by the normies.

    Vapes were not my thing, just flame glass wood and water was all I thought ya needed. Northern lights… trinity trainwreck… good old days.

    Tried a DaVinci micro this year and thought yes you were right nothing to see here just robot stuff people are sucking on. :-) Then I saw the creations from StickyBrickLabs. Now I am one of YOU. A cherrywood flipBrick convinced me today after the second try got the Technique down. No restrictor disk. So now I’m just holding my breath for a zebrawood runt w/ the water bubbler. Going to try and get everything from them - probably won’t stop still I have one of each. As others have said “pure art.”

    As someone else said this place is a Resource, and as such I pledge to contribute to best of abilities.


    Jed’sHead 😍

  • Hi everybody, my name is Fatman and I like dry herb vaporization. Some people seem to find it rude to call me Fatman; If that is the case for you please feel free to call me Flex or even Will if you want to get personal with it.

    I'm new to the vaporization world. Got the POTV One with the curved mini bubbler at the beginning of August. Just wanted to take a peek at this dry herb vaporization stuff I was hearing all about. Thought it might just be a gimmicky little piece I begrudgingly keep in my lineup. Quickly realized I'm a fucking idiot cause combustion sucks a donkeys hairy asshole. Needed at least 1 more piece if I was going to make the switch so two weeks after getting the One I had a Dynavap M21 in hand.

    Been trying everything to try and convince myself I don't have a serious case of VAS. I'm afraid it's not looking so good though. Might be terminal. Found Think Dank on YouTube and that eventually led me here. Hoping that learning and talking about vapes, vaporization, and maybe even the growing of cannabis can help tide me over before the urge to buy strikes again, and again, and again.

  • Hey ‘Will’: I’ve been at this (similarity) stuff for a year, $$$. At this point I feel to have finally achieved that goal of satisfaction. May I kindly mention the following; WoodScents XL Log/DV’s, (save on butane and ‘portable embarrassment’).

    Then add the 110v Old Head Hot Rod for the evening knockout. The POTV provides for a decent out and about for the only user product, especially since you have ONE! Of course the Crafty or Mighty are a better choice for the bigger buzz.

    It took a years time and a lot of stupid $$$ to finally get back what my lungs gave up.

    The only dry herb package I’ve learned greater than the HR would be the SSV43. Nonetheless, there is also that double decker dabbing FP. This could be my eventual pinnacle, ahha! Hope this drives you in the a good direction.

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