The VERY Biggest Hitters (flower)

When you want a godlike rip to melt your face off, what vape are you using? What do you like about it? Does it feel dangerous to use?? I'm talking about using flower here, rather than concentrates.



  • For me, SSV43 and G43 are the ones I reach for

  • G43 is a pure vapor beast. Other than that I would say Sticky Brick line up.

  • If I pack my Sticky Brick Jr pretty well and do an aggressive torching with 1-hit extraction, I usually cough up both lungs and then slowly collect my liquefied face off the floor lol. For some reason, it destroys me doing a huge 1-hit (or 2 hit) extraction from the good ol' brick.

  • Any flowerpot fans around these parts?

  • I had a flowerpot for nearly 2 years and love it. Picked up a Dynavap just for the heck of it this past 420 and it blew me away. Realized the flowerpot had been jacking up my tolerance and that I loved being able to vape outside. Got a few backup tips, caps, and stems and sold my flowerpot to a buddy that's trying to kick combustion. I can still use it whenever so not a loss really. Idk it's a great vape and got me to stop smoking so it will always be special, but I was just consuming way to much.

  • Plowerfot fans are around, but we don't talk about it :P

  • hhehe

    so would you guys put the volcano in the heaviest hitter category? Or are we thinking more medium hitter ??

  • The volcano hits hardish, but the vape that must not be named hits much harder IMO. Kenny's G43 power supply hack is now my heaviest hitter though.

  • 'd put the Volcasno under the heavy hhitter category. It probably deserves to be there on bowl size alone - there aren't many vapes that can comfortably keep a room of people nicely toasted all night long as easily as a Volcano.

    Scale that down to one person and if you crank it and start hitting bags, it's gonna mess you up. Even the sheer volume of vapour makes it a mission on a solo sesh, never mind the effects of the herb. I spent an entire day hitting bags on 8 on a Classic (the max is 9 but Idon't like the taste) and by the evening I had to trip sit myself because I couldn't stop laughing and knowing I couldn't was freaking me out - I have too high a tolerance for my liking sometimes and I've not had that with a vape before or since. I was bordering on edible level depth of stone and lack of control. Fun times!

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    Nice! No one's mentioning the Supreme. It seems pretty hardcore. Anyone tried it?

  • I consider the Volcano Hybrid to be a heavy hitter! It's not quite the same intensity of the hit as previous vapes mentioned, but it's a heavy hitter.

    @Southie I can't wait to get my Wall-G set up!

    @emilythemartian I've tried the Supreme V3 and the E version of the same rig. Definitely another heavy hitter. It's draw restriction is tighter than the other heavy hitters though, which is why I didn't really like it as much.

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    @Troy I've had a Pax 2 for years and years. Couldn't afford anything else. How's the Volcano Vaporizer in comparison to the Pax? I've heard a ton of good things. Everyone I know would rank it as one of the greats.

  • I'm a senior so I don't really do what I used to in the seventies . But my desktop rig is a Cloud Evo that I mainly use to vape CBD . I also like to load a 50/50 mix of Cascadia Blooms (thanks for the tip Troy!) with some Lava Cake to get a really different kind of high. I rip the Evo harder with a CBD/THC mix and it can hit like a locomotive when I do that. I think it qualifies.

  • Nice one @Swig , How would you do it back in the 70s?

  • @Troy It's so sweet with a constant power source. I will do more testing with the cheaper power source tomorrow and report back, but it seems like it may work almost as well as the other one. Although, I don't think the smaller unit will power two G's at once, which IMO is worth the extra bucks alone.

  • I don't really think you can compare these 2 vapes in any way.


    • portable
    • conduction
    • battery powered
    • little fancy thing


    • desktop
    • convection
    • wall plug
    • huge lung ripper

    PAX is nowhere close any heavy hitter, but I'll let the master comment on this.

  • So @Troy @Southie if the G43 is the hardest hitter ever, does that mean whoever has the most G43s has the most powerful vape in the whole world? Asking for a friend

  • @emilythemartian You also need to have the best lungs in the world to back it up. Otherwise I got a shot at the title. lol.

  • I think the title hardest hitting vape ever is the SSV43, modified by Troy.

  • @kebcatmorgan according to kenny who has a ssv43 and has since hacked his G43 to run off of a power supply, the G with the power supply out stripes the ssv43 even... I haven't yet tried the ssv43 but I have since hooked 2 G's up to a power supply, and holy shit does this thing rip!

  • @emilythemartian Friday nights we would do huge bong rips while our best hand roller made joints on the shoe box lid (no stems and seeds that you don't need) in my friends garage. When the joints were ready, we would listen to albums and pass the joints until they were gone. He had a Phase Linear 400 amp in his system and DSOTM just came out, which we all listened to for the first time together. It was a lot of fun and amazingly no one hassled us, considering how loud it got in that garage. I sometimes wonder whatever happened to that amp. Good times back then.

  • @Swig thats awesome dude

    damn I just smoked a herborizer and now I can't stand up

  • My Elv8r with an enail coil wrapped on it smacks, but nothing beats the ease of my sticky brick jr. through water.

  • @PittVaper hit it out of the park with the Elv8r enail coil. Also rocking that setup and oh boy does it melt the face of the user. Can also melt down your house if you aren't careful ?

  • I need to get in on the E-elev8r. Do most just buy a smaller coil and shape it themselves?

  • @Troy Vgoodiez has elv8r coil setups listed under his heavy hitters section

  • Got mine from Vgoodiez as well. For those that have them are yours glowing red as well? Only one of my coils that do that.

  • I have a few of the Elev8r heaters already, does Vgoodiez sell just the coil?

  • You can piece it together if you want. looks like they use a 16 mm coil, but it also looks like Scott does shape the coil.

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