My final thoughts on the Sticky Brick Runt

Hi everyone, I hope all is doing well for all this weekend. I hope that you don't mind, but I'd like to give my final thoughts on the Runt and explain to newcomers and those who are interested but sitting on the fence about the vape if it's worth it and if using a torch is a big deal. After all, I know I was scared to buy this 2 years ago and I'm sure that there are plenty who feel right now like I did originally. So let me tell you of my experience...

Just before the Boundless Tera came out Troy recommended 2 vapes for me to try for my second vape purchase after vaping on the IQ for a while. His first choice was the Sticky Brick Runt and the other one that wasn't out yet for another month or so, and it was the Boundless Tera. And with the Tera being a remarkable 18650 device that Troy said hits like a truck on a pipe, it was hard to not get the Tera. Sadly, while it was great for it's price, I sadly broke it almost a year ago and went back to smoking (not that I ever gave up smoking while vaping, so I guess I was a dual user).

Fast forward to June and I wanted a new vape so I came back after my hiatos. Sadly there have been some issues and many vapes that I was interested in originally seemed like are no longer available or became discontinued due to reasons. In fact I didn't just want one vape but 3 but that's a different story. The more I looked the more I could not make up my mind. But then I remembered Troy's advice to me long ago as to why the Runt was for me. I also looked up 2 videos from @nonamekevin on YouTube as I remember he loves his runt(s) to make sure I'll enjoy it on the water pipe as well. So with out making a post here or elsewhere I just ordered a Brick.

And oh how amazing that choice would be. Kenny and his crew at Sticky Brick Labs took great care of me. The item shipped out on Friday as promised and it arrived a day early on Monday evening. All arrived safely including the WPA. So I loaded the Runt up and gave her a go with my one outlet scortch torch. Oh my baby Jesus, that first hit was intense. I gave her a quick stir and tried again and was in heaven. I was immediately in love. This was definitely what I was looking for. Troy was right as usual and everything about the work flow or the way you load and unload, stir, vape, clean was well thought out and easy peesy for a vape that requires a little more work than a vape that doesn't require such stirring. The use of the device was even made easier with the restriction disk and I only combusted on the first few days if I loaded it up past halfway or I was too greedy and tried to get another hit with it. So the first few days was a time too learn what I can and can not do. But it was far more easy than I thought. I even took out the disk the next day and vaped it without it and saw the difference. More control without but you have to be far more careful and exact when not using the disk. Unlike most here I decided after a day or two that I liked it better with the disk in place and now I can be far more aggressive and sloppy with the disk and also felt that with it was best for water pipe use with my 4 outlet torch. So in the end I always have the restriction disk installed.

Believe me, I'm a lazy vaper. I just want to load it up and enjoy. But this vape was so well designed that it's a pleasure to use it and now I almost feel like I want to stir my crafty+ even though it never needs it. Lol it's like I got used to it so fast that I can't believe that I was scared to use a torch and stir tool.

But the best part? I haven't smoked in over two months. I'm a full time cannabis vaper now and I'm not going back. No other vape in the past has done that for me. Not even my friend's fury 2 or my Tera. Not even a bag vape like a volcano. This vape hits like a truck and is the closest thing to smoking that I've tried, especially when I'm clearing out the bowl in two hits. All this while the vaper is so cold and the terps are not too harsh as well (I have very sensitive lungs).

The only real downsides is definitely the crackhead look when using it and you can't really use it outside or in front of a fan due to the breeze messing with your torch. But while the terp torch may be marketed for smokers to switch with such a tabletop, this Runt is the same but for portables. Sure there may be a bit of a learning curve, but it's not bad and you'll figure it out in a day or two.

Bellow is a private video I sent to a friend of mine who wanted to see it in action on my first day. He knows nothing about vaping and I was high as balls after 3 or 4 bowls so have fun laughing at my ass if you want to watch.

Have an awesome day and get one today!



  • Congrats homie, beautiful wood grain runt! It's still my favorite vape, and I try to tell as many people about it as I can.

    When I'm using the runt, I leave the cork in it. You can clear out the runt by simply breaking off the bowl brick right after a hit. It's a technique I picked up by using the runt primarily through water and I've continued to use it the same way when using the runt dry.

    Cheers friend! 👍🏿

  • Tell the truth. You kept forgetting to put the cork in the hole every time you brought your brick to the pipe in the beginning, that you just decided to leave it in the hole when using the regular mouthpiece and found it works great like that too. - jk 🤣 great tip 👍

  • I have a mighty, a 2020M and a runt. The mighty gets used when the gal is up and about because she likes ease of use. the runt is what I use when she goes to bed. Seems I get much more faded with that runt. I compare it to having a good cigar after everyone else has gone to bed. The run is more of a craft device for me, and i get a lot of enjoyment out of it. Doesn’t hurt that the flavor is awesome and the clouds are ridiculous if that’s what you are chasing. ‘


  • Wasn't sure a good spot to say this (was gonna aim to email 420vapezone himself, but the forum will do fine).

    I've always been hassled by the screens in the SB line getting slow and/or clogging or one side dirtier than thr other, causing the air to go down a tiny path (the small hole in the screen that's not clogged) and burning my buds... (I csnt be the only one). I try to keep it clean and use a brush after bowl. Still I had issues.

    In comes me trying different screen options from Amazon/etc, to no avail. Well... I found my solution! Had at least 10 bowls out of this thing, and all I do is a quick couple stirs to the bottom after the bowl, dump/tap, then use a good brush for like 1 second of spinning.

    *It's the S&B Mighty/Crafty *lid* to their dosing capsules (upside down in the bottom of the Runt bowl) 🙌

  • I've had a runt for well over a year and until tonight didn't understand it. I finally took out the restriction disk tonight and didn't combust. The flavor was amazing way better than with it in the vape. I highly recommend this vape.

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