VapCap Blues...

Keep in mind i am a newbie to Dynavap but a 13 year vaper.

Ok, so i am about to loose my mind with these vapcap's!!! First dynavap replaced my 20M captive cap because it kept combusting on me (i think because the tip got dented from my IH). So i am now using a flat piece of silicon recommended by @Pipes to protect my caps from dents in my Caldron. That has worked perfectly.

The new cap Dynavap sent me worked fine for about a month. Now this one is combusting on me. No dent, the cap rattles when you shake it. I never go past the click. It is completely clean. I soaked it overnight in soapy water and cleaned with cotton swabs (as recommended by Dynavap). Even used some iso on a cotton swab to confirm it was clean. Still combusts!!

I am almost at my wits end with this device. What drew me to this vape was that it should last forever and give consistent results. I have to be doing something wrong because everyone else in the world seems to love this thing.

Please help!



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