Looking at Logs, I need some yes men (and women)

Hi 420vapezone forums, long time listener, first time caller (or however many times I've posted),

I'm looking at getting a compact desktop vape. I have been looking at log vapes for their size. A little bit about my vaping area. I vape in the front room of my house in the evenings, so I do not keep things out. After every time I vape, I dump out the DCB in a container, mighty brush out the bowl, and put it away. So bongs, mighty, Dynavaps, glass get put up after each use. The Sticky Bricks have the glass put away and a cork put in their openings, but those stay out because, well they are beautiful just to look at. And the Terp Torch is sitting on its stand in the corner of this table. Anyway, I dump out the water of my pieces and rinse them right away with hot water, and put everything away. Habit that I do and if my nieces and nephews randomly stop by with their parents, I don't have to explain what a 12" Recycler is.

On to the point, I am looking at compact desktops. I do not need giant heavy hitters, what I have hits hard enough. I found out after numerous tries, I am not a fan of whips. I have been eyeing the E-nano. I hear people say Woodscents is the way to go though too. I admit, the look of the Woodscents out match the e-nano by far. The Dynavap aspect of the Woodscents doesn't bother me as I have plenty of butane and have an Apollo II IH. The reason I am leaning heavily toward the E-nano though, is there is a wooden case you can buy that houses everything you'd have for the E-nano. Also, it is a single cord, not 2-3 like the Woodscents.

I want the collective genius that is the 420vapezone group to be my yes men (and women) on purchasing a compact desktop. Should I go with the E-nano? I know it sounds like I've already sold myself on it, but enjoy other's input. People say the draws on logs are like a milk shake, what vape would it compare it to. I have Mighty, SB lineup, Dynavaps, Fury Edge, and Terp Torch, is it worse/better draw than any of those? Packing a couple times in a sitting is fine with me because sometimes I pack a THC vape and a CBD vape instead of pre-mixing my bud. Is there another compact desktop vape that isn't a hassle to move every evening I use it?

Any advice is appreciated. And thank you guys for helping my VAS and being enablers.


  • oooh, i think an e-nano / woodscents would make a great 2-fist tuesday!

  • Hey mate!

    I can't say much on the E-nano but I haven't heard a single bad review on it. I think you probably can't go wrong either way.

    I do have a Woodscents though and can confirm, it's bloody awesome! If you haven't seen what Ed's got in the works for his 2020 models, then you should definitely check out his Instagram. Honestly, it's tempting me to get another one cos they look sweeeeeet.

    I can say that the draw on the Woodscents, when using a Dynavap tip as a bowl is still what I would consider a restricted draw, but it is far less restricted than the thickshake restriction which is the Dynavap with its cap on. I think it's at a good level of restriction where you can put it on any glass piece and just rip on it with no consideration of your draw speed and get great results every time. The 3 cables never bothered me, nor did they every come unplugged or anything like that, though I do understand it can look a bit unwieldy. The best part of the Woodscents though is the vast amount of options and customizability when it comes to stems since it uses Dynavap tips as a bowl.

    Anyway, like I said, you can't go wrong with either choice I reckon. If the wooden case is your only consideration and if it's that important to you then I say just get the E-nano. Otherwise, I think you should get the Woodscents and find a nice case for it elsewhere. You did say you liked the look of them more and if you have a variety of Dynavap stems lying around, it will give them a second life.

    Good luck! You can't make a wrong decision here really.

  • I've never owned or used a Woodscents so I can't really speak of it but if you want your Dynavap tips to be part of your log experience than Ed's creations are the way to go.

    I chose the E-Nano and I loved it so much I purchased a second.

    It may be the Plain-Jane sister to the Woodscents but I truly love it.

    As for draw difficulty with the E-Nano? Zero. No need for mouth tokes, you can inhale as softly as you like. Get the stems with the built-in glass screen. You can always put a metal screen in on top of it if you grind your weed very fine.

    You'll do just fine either way.

  • Hey. I’ve never had an E-Nano but I just got a Woodscents Lite kit. And I’m loooving it. I can’t help you too much with the Woodscents vs E-Nano choice but I’d definitely recommend a log vape in general. I almost ordered an E-Nano multiple times but held off and eventually got the Woodscents Lite kit and I’m glad I wound up going WS if only for the stem options. My favorite right now is using the Simrell Vortex stem with the WS, so nice. As for the 3 cords, that shouldn’t be an issue at all, they connect and stay connected easily so they’re pretty much one cord.

  • "I chose the E-Nano and I loved it so much I purchased a second."

    My Mistake: It was the VapHotBox that I loved so much that I bought a second.

  • Bumping this up because i'm currently in a similar predicament as OP. I don't really need to be able to store my shit, i live in a small apartment with my partner and a cat, the cat doesn't fuck with our weed, he has cat nip lol. But anyway, i'm really interested in both of these log vapes for similar reasons, and between the wood scents lite kit from sneakypete (vapenorth.ca for us canucks) and the regular e-nano kit plus a gong adapter, the price would basically be the same for me. I already have a decent collection of dynavap stems and wpas, so the woodscents makes woodSENSE (sorry couldn't resist the easy pun 😋) for that reason, but i'm intrigued by the all-glass stems for the enano, seems like having the only metal in the whole vapor path be the heater at the very beginning would give better flavor, i've also heard the enano is a little more steady to use on a bong, which i think will most likely be my main use for either log. The main reasons im still considering the woodscents is the dynavap compatibility and i just find it looks prettier😋, but i dunno if the e-nano would be more versatile and useful overall, especially since i recently started a weed review channel where i review legal canadian weed using vaporizers. I wonder if OP ever pulled the trigger on the enano or ws or just saved his money @Chary_Ka ?? Also would love to see that 2 fist tuesday video @Troy wherever/whenever you post it!

  • Hey @tronzo669, I did end up getting the e-nano. I got the case and stand. Makes it easy to be able to put everything away. With the case, the long stems will not fit in there. I have an induction heater, so that is why I went more towards e-nano. I enjoy the all glass stems, lots of flavor. Learning curve is you can not pack a bunch in there. It works great as a quick one-hitter. You can still pack a bunch, but lots of stirring and tamping back down. I think the Woodscents is more aesthetically pleasing. I like being able to have a few stems packed and just hit them periodically throughout the evening. The e-nano is great for use on a bong. It is light weight enough that there is no strain on the glass joints.  

  • I agree the woodscents is more aesthetically pleasing 😋I also have an induction heater but figured the WS would be more of a different dynavap experience since you're vaping without the cap. The all glass stems were really what was drawing me to the e-nano. After some more reflecting, researching, and convos in the discord sesh, i think i am actually just going to wait for the second batch of terp torches and make that my first desktop 😎 . I actually really considered getting a TT on the first run but held back because i was kind of worried about the exposed heater being on my desk, just because my cat loves to jump on my desk all the time , but if i keep the sleep mode cutoff on and do a little bit of re-organizing, i think i'll have a safe enough spot that he wont be likely to run into the hot end by accident . I also realized, these days i'm mostly using my sticky brick more than my dynavaps or fury edge and a bigger capacity heavy hitting bowl is more suited for my medical needs (im a med patient for insomnia/sleep issues) plus the v2 bowls are a bit smaller and seem to perform better with big or small loads, so i can have my microdose mornings and macro dose evenings at my desk witht he same vape and have a bunch of options permanently on the coffee table for when i'm chillin on the couch :p. All this logic aside... the woodscents is still so damn pretty i might get one eventually anyway 🤣Thank you for the update though, glad the e-nano is working out for you!

  • @tronzo669 The TerpTorch is a great first desktop. I don't know if the the 2nd round will come with ruby balls autoamtically, but they add some more heat transfer. I have changed all my preset temps to best suit what I use the TT for. I use it with the bowls that come with it, but I also use it with my sticky bricks. So you'd still be getting a desktop that you can use with the other pieces you already own.

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