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After having problems buying the tinymight (bank thought the charge was fake) I can finally say my purchase went thru. I'm very excited about this vape! Does anyone know of a good wpa that is easy to get and works for the tinymight? Also what are some of the things you don't like about the device?



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    The RBT stems ( or at least some of them) seem to work as a wpa, just leave the joint end out and stick a rimless basket screen in the opposite end to hold the load....

    I've only had it a couple of weeks so far, so far I'm finding it OK.... It works well, but the vapor is a bit harsh IMO, the controls are a bit fidgety, and it also makes a weird noise that makes me imagine a lil man in the vape turning gears to make it work. It's not a bad lil vape, but it's not a show stopper either.

  • I'm using the glass male joint from my Sticky Brick Flip as my TinyMight WPA

    I thought the TM was cool. Very functional

    what I didn't like: the stem interface, pulling/pushing/twisting that stem in and out sucks - especially when dirty. I also thought the 'cooling unit' clogged too quickly. I was hoping for more out of the cooling unit. It's just some nuts and bolts crammed in there...

  • Good to know thanks for the comments guys. Looks like it's time to buy a wpa from sticky brick

  • I was a bit dissapointed with the "nuts" , i actually like the vapour from it, its a good little hitter, the buzz is fine with noise cancelling headphones i found lol. The cooling unit i cleaned with contact cleaner and it was as good as new....until two bowls later

  • Ok now I'm a little worried. I when to look up my purchase history with tinymight and see this. The funds came out of my account so I'm not sure why is says voided.

  • I use two heat sinks in long stem. I use a tiny wire brush to clean after every dump, which I found a 30 pack of wire brushes on walmart.com for 12 bucks.The brush helps me not having to soak heats sinks as often and the screen is not clogged at all when I do clean them. You can also soak brush in Iso too when it gets dirty. I also found that attaching plenty cooling coil to stem gives it a mighty like experience but with tastier vapor, Imo. The plenty cooling coil works great other vapes like the tetra p80, dynavap, and any whip. Really loving it on my ditanium whip bc I slide hot glass chamber into the coil between bowls. I use silicone tubing to attach cooling coil, not sure on what size.

  • so glad you posted this picture. I was picturing the big ass coil attached to the Tiny Might. ?

  • I’ve only seen positive comments on the tinymight. It’s nice to hear some of the gripes tbh. Do you guys feel it’s worth the price? Open to other suggestions...

  • Yes. To me it produces really big tasty vapor with minimal effort. My wife even wants one and she hates every vape I own besides mighty and dynavap. Tinymight is like a dynavap on steroids. 3-4 monster hits per load and 3-4 loads per battery. It was nice to get a vape that just performs. No bells and whistles. I'm tired of buying vapes then find out you have to tinker with them just to get medicated.

  • These little wire brushes help keep screens clean.


  • No longer worried spoke with modder everything is fine

  • Found use for hopper mouth piece, since my new hopper io is defective right out of box. Don't order new hopper io. Company still hasn't responded. There was no product code on box to register it for warranty. No mouth piece or accessories in box, and my order was missing 2 extra batteries I ordered.



  • That’s brutal. I want to love them but they make it impossible.

  • @Cannabliss420 I totally get your frustration, but lets keep the hopper stories in the hopper thread, The hack is cool, but let's leave it at that for this thread. Thanks.

  • Emailed the modder the other day and got the reply that my TM has shipped but was never given a tracking number. Wtf how am I supposed to know when to go to town and pick it up from My p. o. box

  • Yeah that kind of sucks.

  • Got tracking today looks like it will be here next Thursday so 7 days away.

  • Congrats...I bet that it will feel like so much more than 7 days. Good luck!

  • I just ordered a crossing core from puffitup for $152 hopefully that will tide me over until the TM gets here .

  • Yeah...7 days...it appears I'm in the same boat.

    But like @JTMUNN, I ordered some other things that should arrive before then to tide me over -- a carbon fiber DV stem, a double-garage Futo Gabon Ebony stash and a double-garage Futo cocobolo stash.

    If I manage to add a few more things today (and don't count me out), I may be able to engineer completely forgetting that the TM is en route and then be genuinely surprised when I actually have it in hand.


  • Whoa! My Tinymight has landed.

    And on a Sunday, no less...

    Charging the battery now via USB. How will I know when it's fully charged? The LED next to the USB connector is OFF.

    Getting ready to clean the mouthpiece...

  • Do you own an external battery charger? If not it's my advice for you to pick one up along with an extra 18650 battery. The samsung 30Q are reasonably priced and have the maps you need to run the TM. When picking up an external battery charger make sure that it charges at at least 2 amps. If it doesn't charge At at least 2 amps it's gonna take a about 6 to 8 hours to charge a battery.

  • External chargers and extra batteries are definitely a must for any of these lil one battery vapes. Even the best of them drain pretty fast, so I like to have at least 3-4 batteries charged, plus whatever is on the charger.

  • Yes, I have a dual charger for 18650s. The weird thing is the 18650 that was included appeared to be fully charged on arrival, because when I put it on the charger it registered as fully charged. When I took the "fully charged" 18650 out of my Davinci IQ and put it on the charger, the red light came on indicating it needed a top-up.

    But both seem to work fine for now. I was using my Davinci LG battery most of the day yesterday and after 3 bowls it ran down. Now I've returned to the Sony that was shipped with the TM and will see how it goes as that runs down and then gets another ride on the charger.

  • @videosavant Forgive me, I don't recall exactly where I heard this, likely another forum, but... The owner/creator advises you only use the included battery, or one that is the same stats as the included battery anyway. I'm not super informed on batteries, so there might be someone who can explain this better than me. But I would double check and make sure the other battery at least has the same amperage, etc...

  • I've been using 18650 batteries in ecig mod for over 10 years. I am certain the 30q is perfect for this device. With as much surface area as the coil has there is no way the tinymight pulls over 20 amps continuously.

  • Maybe I shouldn't say this does anyone know how many amps the tinymight pulls at peak?

  • Thanks. Yeah, I think I've read the same thing over at FC. But the LG is one that's been highly recommended for the IQ in the past, so I think it's OK. Performance was good...until it shut down (on the fourth bowl, which seems typical from what I've read).

    But I am up for some more Sony batteries. One place that was recommended was sold out, but I came across a couple of other links over the weekend, so I need to follow that up.

    Quick question: I've only done four bowls, so early days and I'm liking it a lot so far. I'm loading the WPA or the small cooling unit with about 0.1 gm. Set at 5 or 6, the first two hits are great, the third is respectable and then anything more is wispy. AVB is light to medium brown, with no green. Is that what I should expect? I assume that if I go to 7 or 8, two hits would be the max.

    One of the things that interests me about the TM is the fact that you have the option of packing a LARGE bowl. This is one of the things that has puzzled me about convection vapes up to now is that most have relatively small bowls (Ghost, FF2), which seems sort of counter-intuitive. It seems one of the things you want to exploit about on-demand convection is the ability to load up for a whole day and hit it like you would a cartridge (FWIW, I'm not a fan of pens, but admire the convenience). Of course, I expect that the taste may be a bit grim toward the end, but that's a trade-off for packing once for the day, which some situations require. Anyway, that's something I look forward to exploring once I get a good feel for the basics.

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