Two Fisted Tuesday

is there going a Two Fisted Tuesday this week maybe Thursday also Terp Torch vs any or all high priced heavy hitters


  • Mighty v. Crafty+ and it is still Two Fist Tuesday, but on a Thursday this week

  • It's going to end up being next week, sorry. This week has been an off week :(

  • Mr. Troy,

    Love the connect.

    When time allows I would love to see IQ2 vs. ARGO or firefly 2+ vs. argo !

  • Hey Troy!

    First off, love your videos, best vape reviews on youtube thanks to your honnesty, expertise and humor, keep it up man!

    Im also in the market for a small portable vape and cant decide between the Argo and IQ2. I already own a Mighty which I freaking love but it's just too big to be carried outside home. The Crafty+ could be a solution but it might still be too big/not stealth enough and it doesnt have replaceable battery...

    How does the vapor compare between the Argo and IQ2? I am used to the Storz and Bikel signature, so nice clouds and tasteful vapor is what I need. Both devices are very attractive for the features they pack and for their portability so what really could make me go for one or the other is vape quality.

    I have to say I would also really love to see a video that put these 2 bad boys in a face to face match as they seem to be the best discreet vapes in the market. The Zeus Arc GT also looks interesting but I hear draw resistance sucks shit really?

    Anyway friends, your thoughts would be welcome!

    From The Netherlands with love :)

  • Rio vs. Switch?

    Mostly just interested to know what/if I'm missing anything not having a Rio.

  • @Troy ? Anyone?

    About to hit that Order button, IQ2 has my preference right now but I would love to hear what you think before I buy it! 😊

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