Let's talk temperatures

Hi y'all I just got my volcano hybrid in the mail and this is my first desktop vape. What temperature ranges do you use the most? Do you only use one temp? Do you change the temp mid sesh?

I noticed during my sesh last night that at 350F (180C) that my bags were very transparent, not very thick vapor.Bumping it to 390F (190C) was completely different, I couldn't even see through the bags. This just got me thinking that there's so much variation in what temperatures I vape at. So I wanted to hear what y'all are up to, so I could learn.



  • 230-250c with tetra p80 and tinymight. I mainly vape through water and chase the high temp clouds.

  • I have two portables, the Sticky Brick Runt and the Crafty+. Flavor will always be better at the lower temps but I normally want to vape at a temperature that extracts fast and will be strong enough to keep me from going back to combustion. So I may start my session with a Crafty+ @ 385 for my first hit or two, I then will finish off the rest at 395 or 410. With my brick I'm basically hitting just high temperatures and doing about the same amount as the crafty but in 2 to 5 hits instead of 6 to 8 on the crafty, depending on what torch I'm using.

    For you I'd experiment with 380 for your first bag for a great compromise of flavor and lift. For your second bag of the same bowl try 400. It will be more roasted in flavor and less terps but will be a nice finish for you to enjoy and get lifted. Don't go below 370F imho. Stay above 380 for maximum effect.

  • For me it depends on various factors. I have various workflows setup in the app, depending what I feel like.

    Different strains will also taste better at different temperatures, which is fun. You can mix different temperatures in the same bag as well to create a nice flavor.

    Example workflows:

    I have a Super Bag workflow (I think Troy called it that) which goes from 170 to 230, in 15 degree jumps

    Also got Bag 1 and Bag 2, which go from 180 to 205, and 205 to 230 respectively.

    And another one that just brings it to 230, sits 10 seconds, and then fills it. I use it at the end to see if there's anything left, or when I just want a big rip.

    It's interesting how a bag run from the super bag profile, which does finish at 230, tastes very different then one blown at 230 the whole way. I'm guessing some lower temp terps get fried at 230 and don't make it into the mix.

    It makes trying different temps and mixes for various strains fun and interesting!

  • it's crazy how the effects and taste can change dramatically at different temps, even with different vapes

    A lot of the terpene and cannabinoid science shows that the lower temp boiling point compounds typically have more mental effects and the higher temps typically delivery more sedation - but it's not really a hard rule it seems.

    for example while vaping multiple bowls at 334 and focusing on myrcene, i got suuuper slow stoney and heavily sedated.

  • That's interesting, I haven't looked up the different compound's effects and temping to target them.

    Would you have a link to a recommended resource on that?

  • Just got these in at the shop I work at! Thought it’s some cool information from Leafly!

  • This should be relevant.

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