Something wrong with my vape?

Hey everyone .....

so I need your help in understanding whether my vape has a problem or if it’s just me!?

I’ve been vaping for about 3 months now. I got the Fury Edge and after playing with the temps and accessories recommended here , I realized that vaping at high temps with the bubbler made me stay away from joints and gave me the hits I wanted. With the bubbler I start at 200C/210C (392/410F) and end with max 220C (428F). Without it I used a glass stem and vaped between 190-210C ( 374 to 410F) as I can’t stand the hot vape. I used both the capsules and the bowl directly without packing them too much, cleaning it religiously after every use (upside down) with alcohol swabs, vaping an average of 2-3 bowls back to back and things were great until they weren’t.

Now to the issue...

When I started getting the hang of the temp and draw, everything was fine. I’d get good hits and vape from the 2nd to the 6th and reduced vapor on the 1st and 7th-8th. About 3 weeks ago I stopped getting vape ( like hardly anything ) no matter how hot the temp was or how much herbs I packed. I use good quality herb and even then tried 6 different strains I always vaped with and nothing. I tried changing mouth pieces and temps, and hardly any vape comes out. I also changed grinders and started trying a cheap one that grinds small than my Santa Cruz. I also noticed that the herbs aren’t anywhere near as brown as they were when I started vaping. I thought maybe coz I vaped 3 bowls back to back the device would get really warm (warmer than charging), so I stopped doing back to backs. But nothing helped!

Am I doing something wrong or is there something faulty with my device?


  • Something is definitely off or broken. Your heater is not working or you are not getting a good seal when installing the mouth piece and outside air is getting in and not helping it cook. I'd love to hear what others think as I personally don't own it.

  • Touch the chamber after a heat cycle, is it hot? Not warm, but hot like "Why did I just touch that, it's a hot chamber" hot.

  • have you tried cleaning your screens and your loading capsules?

    it sounds like something is faulty, but to troubleshoot it helps to clean everything and start fresh

  • Have you checked the gasket/screen? That thing is a honey factory. I couldn't believe how quickly it gummed up, especially with stickier product.

    When my Edge started to act less than how I expected (inconsistent draw, poor flavor), a good cleaning with good isopropyl alcohol got everything back to day one operation quality.

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